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big backpack - bug out bag

Do you have a bug-out bag ready to grab and go? EFoods Direct sells them, or you can make one yourself, with everything that is the most critical for you to have if you have to leave your home in a hurry. A lot of people look at this as their “72 hour kit”.

A “bug-out bag” is a bag (duffle bag, backpack, whatever is big enough) that is designed to help you survive your first 72 hours – and includes food, water, matches, first aid kit, self-defense items, survival tools, etc. These are ready and packed to go, just in case you can’t stay in your home. Sheltering in place is generally preferable, but in some conditions staying home just isn’t safe, for example in a strong earthquake, flood, or other disaster that heavily damages your home. Your life is more important than where you are living, so when things are that bad, you should grab your bug-out bag and head out.

So having one bag is a no-brainer. Why would anyone put together another bug-out bag?

No matter how well you have packed your bag, its contents will run out. You will either use it up or have used it to survive. Either way, chances are you don’t have a Plan B for additional food, water, matches, etc. after your first 72 hours.

Think about having bag #2. Bag #2 would be an additional bag of water and food, maybe more toilet paper, more matches, more in-depth cooking options, etc. Then imagine have bag #3, #4 or even #5, that hold more food, water and other options, such as towel to wash or dry with, a stove of some sort to eat a hot meal, poncho, blanket, detergent to wash clothes, more ammo, etc. Since none of us know how much time or space we will have to carry packs until the crisis actually arrives, we should have multiple bags ready to grab and go. Take as many bags as you can, starting with #1 and continuing until you run out of space or strength (depending on if you are going to be driving or walking, etc.). Whatever bags you can’t take with you, simply leave at home. But take as many of them as you can.

Having multiple bug-out bags is a wonderful way to have more options while you are out of your home. Also, if you are able to take more bags with you, you will be able to help more family or friends who are with you when you bug out. And having more options can help save lives.

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