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According to a report written by James Famiglietti, a leading hydrologist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and published in the Nature Climate Change Journal, recent satellite imagery shows that nearly all of the major aquifers underlying the world’s great agricultural regions are being depleted at “…alarming rates.
Declining water storage in California as seen by NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellites in
June of 2002 (Left), June of 2008 (Center), and June of 2014 (Right)
In this article, Famiglietti points out that “…Nearly all of these [aquifers] underlie the world’s great agricultural regions and are primarily responsible for their high productivity” and that “…vanishing groundwater will translate to major declines in agricultural productivity and energy production, with the potential for skyrocketing food prices and profound economic and political ramifications.”
In simple terms – water is being pumped out of the world’s biggest reserves faster than it is being replenished which says the NASA scientist poses a great and significant threat to US food supplies and global security.  The threat is clear.  Less water = lower food production.  Lower production leads to fewer jobs and skyrocketing food prices.
Friends, I am sure that I am going to criticized for “fear mongering” and trying to “profit from panic” but the writing is on the wall and now it is supported by one of the most credible scientific communities on the planet.  Now is not the time to panic, however it is the time to prepare and the concept of building a personal food supply is more critical now than ever.
If this doesn’t move you to fortify you food stores, I sincerely hope it compels you to at the very least…engage in a little self education and a great place to start is the eFoodsDIRECT blog.  There are over 600 informative articles written by industry experts, emergency preparedness instructors, and the best prepping gurus about anything and everything you’ll need to know to maximize your security in an ever-more insecure world.

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