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Springtime is always the time of the year I have the greatest motivation to prepare.  I start going down my “honey-do” list of seasonal cleaning and organization and inevitably this leads me bigger and better changes I want to make to my food storage supply and my family’s disaster preparedness regiment.

I realize for many of us, spring has not yet sprung and we are still in the midst of Old Man Winter’s ironclad grip, but I am here to tell you…IT WON’T LAST FOREVER. So while you are waiting, perhaps it’s a good time to go over your emergency supply list and see where you can make improvements?

Here are my “top 3” list of things to do every spring to make sure you are prepared when the SHTF.

Food Label #1. Rotate your food. If your food store is like mine, then you more than likely have a mixed bag relative to expiration dates. I’m not a huge fan of botulism, so I like to make sure I am not eating borderline food. SHelf LifeI accomplish this by doing two things. First, I label all of my food items with a notation that tells me the purchase date and the expiration date. I use an up-side-down “T” as pictured to the left. Second, I arrange my stuff on my shelves based on the expiration date as shown on the right. Everyone in the family knows that anything on the front part of the shelf is fair game, because the only thing worse than eating bad food is letting good food go to waste.

#2. Rotate your first aid kit. Look…if starvation and dehydration don’t get you, infection surely will. That is, if you aren’t properly prepared. Creams, salves, topical antibiotics…they all become ineffective and dry up over time. The adhesives break down and bandages and tapes lose there stick. And medications go bad. If you live in a high humidity environment, this breakdown happens even more rapidly. Rotating the stock in your first aid kit ensures that you have the tools you need when you need them. Proper and prompt first aid will help you ensure that minor injuries stay just that minor. Remember, that before widespread access to antibiotics, infections killed more humans than everything else combined.

#3. Stock up on springtime closeouts. This is more insider-type information than anything else, but incredibly handy, none-the-less. One of the things I have learned since I started in this industry years ago is that if you want a good deal on food storage items…the months of March and April are the best. Why? Simple. It’s the cycle. Companies blow the doors off during the holidays, spend January and February catching up, and then come March realize they have a bunch of odds and ends left over and need to close them out at rock bottom prices.

It never fails…

Case in point, I just bought 3 cases of granola. Right now it is on sale for less than a buck a serving (Serving size = 1 cup) and with my family constantly eating yogurt and granola and even when I buy it in bulk…which isn’t nearly as good as the stuff eFoods makes…I pay at least $1.75/cup.

Don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself and get a jump start this year on your emergency preparedness.

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