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Eggs should be an important part of any food storage plan. They contain protein and important nutrients, such as omegas. In addition, eggs are so versatile. They can be cooked and eaten or used in in baking recipes. You will be thankful for easy eggs when food supplies dwindle.

Many new preppers shy away from storing eggs, because they don’t know how. Eggs in their original form don’t do to well when stored more than a few weeks. Many families rely on freezing eggs substitutes or egg whites. As a new prepper, I did this myself. While freezing eggs is better than nothing, there are improved choices. For one, you really want the whole egg, since most baking recipes will not work with just the whites or substitutes, and a whole egg generally tastes better, especially when you just rehydrate them and scramble. (Try mixing in rehydrated tomatoes or other add-ins for extra taste and nutrition.)

Powdered eggs are made from whole eggs, real fresh eggs in fact, that are dried. This makes them a good choice for long-term storage. They take up little space and do not require refrigeration. Stored correctly, powdered eggs will last 5-7 years unopened or about a year opened. Personally, I prefer the Eggs Done Right brand because they are dried with a new process that extends the shelf life to about eight years and does not partially cook the eggs, giving them a better taste than others.

Besides keeping powdered eggs for long-term storage, they are a good idea to have and use in your everyday pantry. The cost per egg is cheaper than fresh, in most cases. Should egg prices rise, which they inevitably continue to do, you would be smart to have already purchased your eggs ahead of time. Why give away more of your hard-earned money than you have to spend?

With powdered eggs, you also don’t have to fear harmful bacteria, such as Salmonella, since the drying process kills any bacteria that might be present.


Ever try to halve an egg for a recipe? Pretty impossible, right? I’m always scaling recipes up or down depending on who I am feeding, and inevitably there is the half-an-egg issue. With powdered eggs, that problem is solved.


Unexpectedly, I found another benefit to using powdered eggs. When you cook with kids, there is less mess. No spilled eggs on the floor and no egg shells in the foods makes for a much more pleasant experience. Cooking together is a great family activity.

So how much should you purchase for your family? Make note of how many eggs you normally go through in a week. Multiple that number by 52 to get your needed egg storage for a year. Don’t forget to add in an additional estimate of eggs for holiday baking. I know I go through a lot more eggs in the months of November and December. In general, two tablespoons of powered eggs equals one large egg.



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