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Well folks, unfortunately I had no questions come across the blog over the last two weeks. However, some folks did ask me some very good questions I would like to share with everyone…

Connie and Ron from Wyoming asked: My husband and I have been prepping for over ten years now and our place and friends are ready for TEOTWAWNI. Recently, we were approached by a producer of a preparedness TV show that would like to tell our preparedness story. The money they offer is tempting; however we are curious about their motives. What is your opinion of these shows?

When it comes to TV shows like “Doomsday Preppers” on the National Geographic Channel and “Doomsday Bunkers” on the Discovery Channel are both informative shows with some good information. However, in my opinion, the folks on these shows are basically advertising who they are, what they have and where they have it. When the SHTF, there will be three basic types of people possibly showing up on their door steps:
1. People/neighbors who did not prepare begging for your food and supplies.
2. Armed gangs coming to take what you have.
3. Government officials coming to take what you have.


Remember “Operational Security” (OPSEC)… The only people that know about your preparedness should be your immediate family and/or people in your survival group. Keep a low profile, stay under the radar, and do not advertise what you are doing. However it is OK to network and talk with other likeminded preppers to share information, just not about your group’s specifics.

The bottom line here is folks, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that preppers DO NOT TALK with any of the media outlets whatsoever (TV, radio, newspapers, internet).  It is in your own best interests to NOT disclose any of your personal details (real name, address, plans, supplies, etc) to the media or on a forum unless you have first gotten to know that person through PM or a face to face contact.

Angela from New Mexico asked two questions: First question – How does one locate a survival group and/or retreat in their area?

The following website is a great resource to find like minded people in your area to network with and find a group to join. There is a list by state on the left side column of the main page.

Second question – With the ARC first aid training costing over $150, how can one get the training if they cannot afford it?

First Aid / CPR training can get a little pricy depending on the level of medical training. Cost can range from $100 to $1000+ or more. One alternative for possible free medical training or low cost training would be check with the following organizations and become a volunteer and commit some time to get the training you need.

The Civil Air Patrol, EMT and Paramedic Organizations, your local Fire Departments, Search and Rescue units, and/or your local Ski Patrol are always looking for volunteers to help out and in turn will give you free or reduced cost training.

One final option would be to know a first aid instructor that would be willing to teach you for free.

And Mike from Texas asked: I’ve heard rumors that the government can come into our homes and take all of our food.  Is there any truth to this?

Yes Mike, unfortunately it’s true. Several past presidents have signed numerous “Presidential Executive Orders” (PEO), most unconstitutional, to take more of our freedoms away.  According to the DHS, if you have more than a week’s worth of food in your home, you are a potential domestic terrorist.  Here are just a few examples of PEO’s:

  • PEO 10998Federal seizure of all food supplies and resources, public and private, and all farms and equipment.  When activated, the government with armed troops can come into anyone’s home and confiscate (steal) all the food to include all grocery stores.
  • PEO 11004Federal seizure of all housing and finances and authority to establish forced relocation.  When activated, the government can seize your home, your bank account and force you to move from your home.
  • PEO 10997Federal seizure of all electrical power, fuels, minerals, public and private.  When activated, the government will take over by force all power stations, all gas station, and come into home and take all your stored gas cans in your garages and barns.
  • PEO 11000Federal seizure of the American people for work forces under federal supervision, including the splitting up of families if the government so desires.  When activated, our government can come into your home, take your kids away and send them to one work camp and you and your spouse to another work camp (known as FEMA camps).

If you want to read more on PEO’s and storing, check this web site out:

On a final note for this question.  Due to these PEO’s and upcoming natural disasters, I would strongly recommend that folks keep no more than two weeks worth of food in their pantries at any one time. All your EXTRA food stores should be hidden away and/or buried to protect them from being confiscated or stolen. Several months back I wrote a short article about hiding your extra food store Find it here:

7 Responses to “Preparedness Questions and Answers #2”

  1. angela

    I am in total agreement of not “advertising” what one has, especially to the media. Remember these people are out to market themselves to obtain ratings and sponsers. Don’t get caught up in the hype of the money….look at the whole picture, evaluate the outcome at the end…….ten years of accomplishment down the drain and as Yonis pointed out, you have opened yourself up to the entire country to know all about you.

  2. pattibeatty

    Would like to ask a question but have never posted here before, hope I’m doing this correctly. I will not have the option of “bugging out” when SHTF so how would you recommend disquising/ dispersing smoke from a cookimg hibachi to avoid making myself a “target”? I thought a hibachi might be less noticable than a full-sized fire or a grill. Any other recommendations you have for someone who will have to go it alone would be greatly appreciated-there doesn’t seem to be any other preppers in my area.

  3. Cal

    Haven’t the PEOs you mentioned, 10997, 10998, 11000, and 11004 been Revoked by: EO 11490, October 28, 1969?

  4. Pat

    I would like to thank Yonis for all his posts on disaster preparedness. Two years ago, this stuff wasn’t even on my radar, now I have several months of food, a Berkey, and some silver and toilet paper (thanks Rock) for when things get bad. I have a long way to go, but it’s a start!

  5. Mary

    This is not a question but an important tip.

    People are taking advantage of a little known government program to free up a substantial portion of their home equity to prepare for the future. They get to stay in their home while having the resources to finance preparedness. Cash is king today and this is a way to have considerable liquid assets instantly without having to borrow or make monthly payments. It can be difficult to afford a top notch survival plan, so having access to home equity can really make a difference. People are using a little know government program to purchase the things they need and draw cash out of an asset they own without having to meet bank qualification requirements.

    Just in the last 60 days, there has been a surge of people lining up to secure this government sponsored benefit for the very purpose of preparing for a difficult and uncertain future. $50,000-$70,000-$100,000 in cash can really come in handy when procuring the essentials for disaster preparedness. After setting it up it can be used as a standby line of credit for quick cash, no questions asked and no requirement to repay as long as you occupy your home.

  6. SurvivingAlive

    Haha yeah. These people have amazing setups, but the only setup they have now is the unprepared hordes that will storm down their homes when society starts to crumble. I guess the lure of that 15 minutes of fame makes plenty of people lean into awful decisions.


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