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Darcy from Roswell asked: I’ve been preparing my food stores for TEOTWAWNI for about a year now.  I read some of your past articles on food stores and I was wondering what types of proteins should I store?

When it comes to proteins, it is very important to remember store foods that yield complete proteins.  For example:  If you just ate beans, grains, rice and/or vegetables (known as vegetable proteins), you would starve to death regardless of how much you ate.  These vegetable proteins totally lack the essential amino acids for proper digestion and nutrition.

On the other hand, animal proteins (cheese, chicken, eggs, fish, meat, milk, etc.) are categorized as complete proteins.  They contain adequate amino acids for proper digestion and nutrition.

So when planning for your food stores, just remember the varieties of foods that have complete proteins and the combinations of like beans and rice.

Connie from L.A. asked:  I’ve lived in California all my life and been preppen for about a year now.  Every night I hear sirens every hour and the local news is all about the gang activity, so how safe is California when the SHTF?  And if I have to move, where would you recommend?

Well Ms Connie, my advice would be to “Get Out of Dodge Now”.  Out of all the states to be in when the SHTF, California is the worse, especially southern California with the very dense population and all the gang activity.

Also with a very large illegal immigration population, it just makes it that much more worse.  Read this article I wrote several months ago on “Safe Areas”, it should help you make a decision on where to move to.

Gideon from Clarksville, TN asked:  I’m new to prepping and would like to know what are the best foods to stock up on?

Well Gideon, I would recommend a minimum of a one year supply (the more, the better) of food of canned foods, meals ready to eat (MRE’s) and dehydrated foods in the can like E-Foods Direct has to offer.

Canned foods have anywhere from a one to three year shelf life on average.  MRE’s can last for years the cooler you store them.  And dehydrated foods can have a shelf life up to thirty years depending on how and where they are stored.

Next, you need to have variety from all the basic food groups to keep a balanced diet under adverse survival conditions.  Just remember the food triangle.

Jasper from Rapid City asked:  Yonis, great information on your blogs, thanks.  I was wondering on what information you had on starting a survival group?  I have the land and water and was thinking of charging $10,000 a couple and $15,000 a family to join my group but so far no takers.  What’s your opinion?

It is a strong misconception that folks have MONEY to join a group with the way things are.  It is very obvious that with the U.S. economy going down the toilet, people losing their homes and with unemployment over 15% and rising that you have no takers.  At least 90% of Americans have no extra money to put into to join a survival retreat.  However, folks do have “Knowledge and Skills” (K&S) that would be a great asset to any group.

I would approach your group from a new angle.  Have couples and families join your group that have the knowledge and skills that would benefit the group to survive TEOTWAWKI for your particular area and region.  And if these folks are preppers, they will be bringing their own food, supplies, guns & ammo with them which will help even more, not counting the extra guns for security.  Read this article I wrote a while back on “Survival Groups”.

Also, the types of K&S you want to look for in potential new members to your group would be some, if not all of the following:

  • Blacksmith / Carpenter
  • Canner / Butcher
  • Doctor / Nurse / Dentist
  • Farmer / Hunter / Fisherman
  • Gunsmith / Reloader
  • Herbalist / Naturalist
  • Leatherman / Tanner
  • Martial Arts instructor
  • Mechanic (Older model veh.)
  • Paramedic / EMT / Midwife
  • Seamstress
  • Soldier / Marine / Combat Vet
  • Survival instructor
  • Teachers

These are the types of folks you will want to have in your survival group.  You would be basically sharing/trading the use of your land for knowledge, skills and security to survive a very uncertain future.

Well folks, keep those questions coming…

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