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Electra from Bismarck, ND asked:  Yonis, in a TEOTWAWKI scenario when people have to walk long distances, what type of footwear would you recommend?

A Great question Ms Electra.  This is a very common item that is overlooked in folks bug out back packs.  “Survival Footwear” is a very crucial item that everyone needs to consider when prepping.

When considering “Survival Footwear”, I strongly recommend Waterproof Hiking Boots over sneakers or tennis shoes.  When walking in any post disaster situation, you could easily be walking cross-country and you will definitely need something on your feet that will support your ankle and that protect your feet.  Proper hiking boots will, sneakers will not.  You want a boot with a good thick soul to protect against stepping on sharp objects and thick canvas or leather sides to protect the sides of the feet against sharp objects.  And you need to keep your feet dry with the waterproofing.

There are numerous companies out there that sell different types of hiking/walking boots.  You have both civilian and military brands/styles available.  Civilian type hiking boots come in a very wide variety and are usually cheaper than the military styles.

As testified by numerous returning vets from both Afghanistan and Iraq who spent a good portion of their tours walking, a good, reliable, durable and comfortable footwear on your feet is crucial in any survival situation.  Military venders have quality, combat proven styles that are great for any post disaster bug our back pack.

Just remember, once you purchase your hiking boots you will want to put them on and wear them out hiking cross-country to get use to the feel.  The last thing you want is to wear bad/uncomfortable boots or shoes and get blisters.  This will absolutely put a stopper in your survival bug-out situation.  The raw skin under the blister is very sensitive and painful once the loose skin is torn off.

And don’t forget, along with your boots you will want several thick new pairs of both cotton/nylon and wools socks (seasonal) in your bug-out bag along with some quality foot powder.  It is a MUST to keep your feet DRY, if not, another strong possibility would be Trench Foot.  Remember: If you cannot walk, you cannot survive.

Bo from Sandpoint, ID asked: What food is recommended for pets in a TEOTWAWKI scenario?

Well Bo, when stocking up on your survival supplies, it’s important to remember (a lot of folks forget) food for your guard dog/s and/or farm animals.  Space is a very important factor when considering this issue for sheltering in place vs. bugging out.

Most preppers would/should have at least a good large watch dog.  So a good question to ask would be is your dog going to eat dog food or people food?  To store a year or more worth of dog food, both wet and/or dry, will take up a lot of space.  Eventually you will run out of dog food and then your dog will have to eat what everyone else is eating, eating food gathered off the land.  And remember, larger dogs eat a lot more than smaller dogs.

And when it comes to farm animals, most of them can just graze providing you’re in a good area of green pasture grass and fresh water.  Chickens know well how to find all those pesky bugs around your home or shelter.

Keep those questions coming…

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