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By month five of your prepping, you should have the basic idea of what to do. When you are picking out things to store, you are selecting the most important first and going down the list to least important. While a shovel can be super useful, if you don’t have at least some food, you’re not setting your priorities right.

Depending on your location and other variables, you should have some food, water, shelter, a way to make fire and some other essentials all packed away. Now we will talk about some things you may not “need” right away but are good to have in your cache of stored items.

  • Entertainment

You aren’t going to want to pack a DVD player and a big screen away. Well, you may want to, but it’s not too practical. You will want to pack away something you can use over and over again in any situation like a deck of cards and a card game rule book.

Many people might not want to bring the rule book, but having the official rules there while you play any game is better than arguing and adding to your already stressful situation.

  • Bleach

Bleach is more than just something to make your whites whiter. Having bleach on hand can allow you several luxuries. You can clean water with a cap full per gallon. Bleach can also be used to clean and sterilize an area. Both useful in a disaster situation.

  • Small Fishing Kit

A small fishing kit can mean different things depending on your plan. If you are using a Bug Out Bag, you can use a small container, an Altoids is a good example, and keep weights, hooks, lures that work for your fish in your area. You’ll also need a bunch of high test fishing line.

If you aren’t a fisherman, you will want to go out to the local watering holes and test lures and different jigs to see what will give you the best results in your area.Practice now so you don’t have to learn by trial and error later.

  • Knives

That’s correct, I said knives. You’ll pack three or four. The reason for several knives is they each serve a different purpose. It’s also a good idea to have more than one of most things. The some examples of knives you will want to consider are:

  1. A folding box cutter like this. These are ideal for skinning small game like rabbits.
  2. Another knife is a smaller fixed blade knife like one of these.
  3. A larger blade. The larger blade serves several purposes and can vary on your specific needs or location. Here is an example of a large blade. You can go with something smaller or even larger if your needs justify it.


What did you pack away this month?


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