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Coffee Can

Month Four

The fourth month of your prepping will have you pack away some more food, a health/hygiene item and some security for you and your family. Now that you have a few things stored up, let’s talk about adding some security to your storage plan too.

  • Shotgun

People’s opinion of the best style weapon to have on-hand. I am going the route of the shotgun. My reasoning is a shotgun is probably the most versatile weapon out there. You can hunt with it and have it for home security. Some of the manufacturers like Mossberg make a shotgun with a barrel that’s super easy to swap out with no tools.

Another plus is the ammunition is inexpensive and readily available. Even this last year plus when certain calibers of ammunition have been hard to come by, if not almost impossible to find, you can always find various 12 gauge and 20 gauge shotgun shells.

  • Coffee or Other Instant Drinks

Coffee is a comfort to a lot of people but also has health benefits if used in smaller amounts. You might need a little caffeine pick-me-up during the first day of a disaster. Also, coffee and other similar drinks are good for bartering.

Having a metal can of of coffee could also end up being a liquid or other storage container when all of the coffee is gone.

  • Storage containers

By now you have some items staking up. Picking up various sizes of storage tubs will help you keep things organized. Another good thing about sorting out all of your items and storing them in these tubs is, it will help keep rodents and other potential pests away from your food.

The way you sort your stored food and other items is up to you. Some people might keep all of the similar items in the same tub while others might sort it by need. What I mean is, you can sort your food and other items into a weeks worth of everything you might need to eat and cook. You can sort clothes in a similar manner when you start setting those aside. The reason for sorting things like this is, by having everything set for the week, you aren’t constantly rummaging through ten different tubs to get what you need for the day. Everything is in the one tub.

  • Medication

Many people are on some sort of medication. What you can do for this step is have an extra batch of your important prescription medications. You may need to call your doctor and have them revise your prescription to allow you buy more than one batch at a time. Having an extra inhaler or allergy meds will be a potential lifesaver when you lose access to them.

For those of you lucky enough not to be on some sort of needed prescription, you can gather together some other supplies that may not be included in your first-aid kit.

What did you put aside this month?

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