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Rope or Paracord

Month Three

The things we will be buying this month will be a bit more universal but very important to have. You’ll also notice most months the list will contain some sort of health related item. Please do not omit these. Your health is very important and shouldn’t be taken for granted, especially when it may not be possible to go see a doctor.
  • Vitamins
Vitamins will help you and some minerals you might not be getting because of your limited diet. Giving your body what it needs will let you have more energy and help keep everything running in tip-top shape.
  • Rope (Paracord will work great)
Some sort of rope is something you will want to have around. Paracord is a good thing to have. You can keep some in your backpack or where ever. Quality 550 paracord can hold upwards of 550lbs and usually comes in 50 or 100 foot sections.
Paracord can be used for replacing a tent line, raising your food to keep it away from wild life, make a hammock and hold a splint in place. The inner cords can be used for smaller tasks as well.
  • Heavy Duty Garbage Bags

Garbage bags have more use than just keeping your trash in. Large bags can be used as an improvised rain coat, to collect rain water, to carry water or a ground cloth to keep moisture off of you or your tent.

Some of the items I am talking about, like the garbage bags, let you improvise their use to your situation.

  • Duct Tape

Duct tape is a must have. I mean, MacGyver always found an improvised use for it and so can you. Be it sealing a seam on your clothes to holding your water bottle together, duct tape can be a life saver. Some stores may have small rolls of it which might be more useful. Having a small roll will reduce the weight if you are putting it in a bag or pack. Having several rolls will reduce the chance of your roll getting lost or ruined too.

  • Can Opener and utensils

A manual can opener is a necessity too. If you have a lot of store bought canned food, you’ll need a way to open it. Some work better than others, in my experience, the all plastic handles break after a short while. Try and find something sturdy.

Utensils should be metal. Plastic can break pretty easily, especially knives. Camping stores will have a good choice of multi-use utensils. Keep in mind to have a separate knife and fork, it’s hard to cut your food if they all-in-one.

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