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Maybe you need just a little push to convince you that you need to start prepping for survival right now. Maybe you need some good solid information to convince a friend, loved one or neighbor that it is important to be prepared. (Sweeten the info with a quick plate of pancake mix cookies. Find the recipe here.)

Read these five solid reasons why you need to start prepping now.

1. Natural Disasters

Nature can be swift and unexpected. Even small weather related emergencies can cause problems, wreak havoc and leave you hungry or homeless. If there is a large natural disaster, civilization can break down quickly, within 24 hours. At the very least, make sure you have enough food and a way to stay warm, dry, and safe.

2. Unemployment

Unemployment can occur at any time. Most of us work under an At-Will employment agreement, which means that an employer can terminate our employment at any time and for any reason. In our current environment, unemployment is high and jobs are scarce. The length of time you could be unemployed may be close to 40 weeks.

Having a stockpile of extra long-term food storage and emergency savings is extremely important.

3. Economic Issues

A total economic collapse is quite possible, but even if you don’t believe this, the evidence is plain. Our country is currently in big financial trouble, and it could get worse. We are probably in for some real trouble in the months ahead. Just take a look at how much the cost of food has risen in the last three years, and how it continues to rise. Invest in stockpiling resources now, because your money will probably not go as far next year as it does even today. Even if you have tight finances, you can still stockpile. Read this article to find out how.

4. Terrorism and Sociopaths

Who would have thought that random mass shootings would not only become a reality, but almost expected. While this may still be a relatively low threat for the average person, the pattern suggests that we will see an increase in such happenings. Terrorist attacks around the globe are also occurring quite frequently. It is important to be prepared for anything from lock downs to protecting your family and your property.

5. Pandemics

Major research centers (such as the Centre for Research on Environmental Microbiology–CREM) we are becoming increasingly more likely to see a major pandemic event. Not only would something like this make necessary the need to isolate ourselves and be self-reliant, but with a severe decrease in people available to work, our entire infrastructure will be affected.

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