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When considering the types of foods to put in your disaster food stores, do not forget to add some psychological foods.  Psychological foods are the types of food that will bring a smile to your face and a thank you from your family or group.

When surviving under extreme or adverse conditions, everyone, especially the children, are out of their normal comfort and security zone.  Everyone is thrown into a different world when a major disaster strikes.  Lives can change drastically for weeks to months to years.  And during this time, having a since of norm is crucial in keeping a positive mind set.  And that’s where psychological foods come into play.

During survival conditions, your meals should be a simple one pot tummy fillers.  These day-to-day meals would keep you going through the difficult challenges of surviving the aftermath of a disaster.  Psychologically, everyone is surviving under abnormal conditions and stresses that are not normal.  And having a psychological pick-me-up will greatly enhances every ones morale.  I have seen this time after time with every disaster I’ve worked, even in combat.

After surviving for a week or two, your families or groups morale will slowly go down.  That’s the time to surprise them with a special treat.  With one of your meal, serve them one of these psychological foods for a morale pick-me-up:  Cakes, Cookies, Cracker Jacks, Fruits, Hard Candies, Ice Cream, Pies, Popcorn, Pudding, Sweet Cakes, etc.  And don’t forget these other items that can put a zing in your meals:  Condiments, Sauces, Seasonings and Spices.

These psychological foods are extremely important when it come to the children in your family and/or survival group.  They, more than anyone, need special attention and special treats.  Plan on serving one of these foods at least once a week or every few days.  This will give everyone something to look forward to.  And this will defiantly help keep the morale up of everyone while living under adverse survival conditions.

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  1. Jim

    One key our Federal teams teach is the importance of someone having a watch… This prepares people for set meal times, preventing anxious abuse of limited resources. In military testing using non volunteers subjected to 14 days of isolation, the teams that ate at set times finished with 17% more food on hand at completion. The psychological benefits of structure while under stress are well proven.