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Aging brings on a lot of changes in our lives. One of those changes is usually diet. One of the changes many people have is a low salt diet. For this reason, buying salt in bulk is not really something you might think about. Well, in a survival scenario salt is really important to have on hand. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons and uses for salt.

A Disinfectant

Salt is an all natural cleaning agent. After cleaning items with soap and water, especially porous surfaces, you can rub them down with salt and a damp cloth to improve the appearance. One example is using salt as a final cleaner for your cutting boards and other surfaces where you prepare meat.

Testing Eggs

Using a saltwater mixture of about four tsp of salt dissolved in two cups of water is a simple test for bad eggs.  Good eggs will sink to the bottom where as a bad egg will float to the top.


Before refrigeration and in places where refrigeration isn’t always a possibility, curing meats and other perishables is a great option. While it may sound strange to have you meat hanging there at room temperature, the salt cure draws the water out of the meat and prevents the growth of bacteria on the meat.

For the newbie or anyone who wants the simplify the task, Morton makes a curing salt. This mixture of sugar, salt and a few other ingredients helps you cure your meat easily and more quickly.

Boiling Water

Salt added to water will help it boil quicker. Why this is important to you in a survival scenario is, you will help you use less of your precious fuel. You’ll also be able to eat your freeze dried meals sooner.

Put out Fires

Salt can be used to put out a grease fire. Some people have baking soda on-hand some don’t. If you fall into the category of not having baking soda and you have a freak bacon cooking fire, you can use salt in the same way to put out the flames and eat your extra, extra crispy bacon.

Dental and Mouth Ailments

Dentists recommend rinsing with warm salt water. It eases dental distress.

Salt water is also good for soothing sore throats. A small amount of salt mixed with water (about 1/2 tsp per 8 oz of water) and gargle. Do this a few times and your sore throat will feel much better.

Medical Uses

Salt is an antiseptic. I’m sure dumping pure salt on a wound would hurt a bit, diluted salt will do the trick and be more mild. Washing a wound with salt water and letting it dry air dry will help dry out the wound.

Iodized salt can help reduce goiters. This is the minimum amount if iodine you should intake daily. Other forms of iodine like a Lugol’s Iodine is a better way to get your daily iodine supplement.


The uses I’ve listed here are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the uses of salt. The human body needs salt to live. When a woman is pregnant and nursing, added salt to her diet is needed.

Do you have any unique ways you use salt daily that you can share with us? Leave a comment and share your knowledge.


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