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I absolutely love mashed potatoes. Don’t you? Seasoned, garlic, or with just butter, it doesn’t matter to me. Mashed potatoes is a comfort food for me, and I don’t even only have it as a side dish—sometimes, it’s the main event (especially with cheese stirred in—yum). I often make them from fresh potatoes, especially if we’re having them as part of a nice family dinner. But not every meal is special at my house—sometimes we just want to eat soon. I always have a box of instant potatoes on hand for those not-quite-as-special events or times where I just want that comfort food.

When we store emergency foods, it’s best if we think through which foods we really enjoy and wouldn’t want to have to live without—and then make sure we store some of those foods along with our other food storage. We need to store what we like to eat.

I decided it was time to try the eFoods Direct seasoned mashed potatoes. They come in packages that make four 1-cup servings. These Mylar-packages come in some of the kits that eFoods Direct sells, including the Personal Blackout Backpack, which is one of their new products. (I got one of these and I’m impressed with what all it includes, but I’ll tell more about that another time.) They are also available by the case, with 24 Mylar packages in it. The tote that they come in is made out of very sturdy plastic (in a pretty green color), and is labeled on the end so it is easy to find the right case for what you want. (When the tote is empty, I will definitely use it to store other things—totes like this often sell for $10 or more in stores.)

Making these potatoes couldn’t have been any easier. First of all, they don’t take a lot of ingredients. With my other instant potatoes, there are the potatoes, and they use water, of course, but I also have to add milk, salt, and butter. With the eFoods Direct seasoned mashed potatoes, all I had to have was the package of seasoned instant potatoes and 4 cups of water. That’s it! The fact that they don’t need any of those other items (milk, salt, butter) makes it very helpful for an emergency situation where you may not have those items or would prefer to use them for something else.

Second, the instruction are very simple. The package says: In medium saucepan, bring 4 cups of water to a boil. Remove from heat; whisk in contents of this pouch and stir well. Let cool.

After I whisked them, I tasted a bite. Were they good? Yes. I had my adult son try them. Yes, he liked them.

But we weren’t going to just eat them as is. I was making a shepherd’s pie for dinner, and the mashed potatoes go on the top. The bottom of the dish has the meat, green beans, and tomato-based mixture. And there’s cheese on the top. This dish is very simple to make, and the perfect place to use instant potatoes instead of starting from fresh potatoes. (This recipe is also good with leftover real mashed potatoes, but those are hard to have at my house. We generally eat them all.) Within a few minutes, the potatoes were finished and topping the casserole.

The bottom line is, I probably won’t shift over to making these instead of real mashed potatoes, but really, they do taste like seasoned mashed potatoes. And our dinner guest had no idea they were instant potatoes—they were that good.

Since I know now that we like them, I bought a case. I love that they come in Mylar pouches with just the right amount for our family. They will save me a lot of time, work, and other ingredients, and taste good enough to help me feel more comforted in the event of an emergency—or anytime!

Sample packs  are available for free with just a minimal cost for shipping. The sample pack comes with other exciting things, too, like the Planning Guide. With the sample pack, you can easily try several eFoods meals. Check them out, see what you like best, and then order a case or more!

Check back for more reviews as I continue to try out my new products!

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