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Here’s a tip for the day. Properly dried and stored food generally does not spoil so it has an almost unlimited shelf life. You’ll see food storage companies quote the shelf life of their products from 5 years to 50 years, with most people thinking the higher the shelf-life, the higher the quality….the better the product.

Realistically, any product’s nutrition value and taste will decrease after 15 years no matter the storage method, and most companies are banking on the fact that you’ll never have to break open your food supply and find out the truth.

At eFoodsDirect, our greatest concern is for your nutrition, which is why we quote our shelf life in consideration of the ideal retention of nutrition, not for a safe usage limit. Even the superior quality of our food will deteriorate nutritionally at a very slow rate over time. Your eFoods products will have the best flavor and nutritional value if used prior to 15 years of storage time when stored in ideal conditions (cooler environments). Otherwise you can continue to use them past the 15-year recommendation.

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