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There are numerous companies across the U.S. that are selling emergency disaster and/or survival food stores in different quantities from single cans to one year bulk pallets.  Some companies out there are selling old Cold War surplus and old Y2K foods that are out of date.  To get rid of these boxes of OLD food, they are selling them at very cheap prices.  Don’t be fooled by these low quality foods at cheap prices.

Out of the dozens of business selling, only a very, very small handful sells a top quality product that is safe to eat and “Made in America”.  One needs to really shop around and research any business you are considering buying your survival food from.  You also want to talk to knowledgably people in the field.  Buy only “top quality”, “American made” and “American grown” food for your survival food stores.  You NEVER want to buy any type of survival food that comes from overseas or has any MSG’s.  Because your life and the lives of your loved ones will depend on the “quality” of the food you purchase for your survival.  And yes, quality cost more, but when it comes to the lives of your family and every ones survival, quality food can and will save your lives.

You want to “Store what you Eat”.  When considering the kinds of foods to purchase and store for your survival food, buy the kinds of food you and your family normally eat on a daily bases.  For example, if you normally do a lot of baking, you would want to store whole wheat, a grinder and flour for baking.  And if don’t bake, you would not normally store these items with your survival food stores.  However, there are companies that will try to sell you a package deal with items that you do not or will not use.  If you go this route, be warned of what you are actually buying.  For the items you would not use like whole wheat, this would be a great barter item.

There are three major types of food variety one should consider in invest in for their survival food stores: Canned foods, MRE’s and long shelf life foods.  I will cover this topic in much more detail in a future article.

If you plan on shopping a little at a time and to save money, use coupons from the daily news paper or download and printout them from the internet.  And last, when it comes time to buy, always try to buy in bulk to save money.  You will save $$$ when paying for a years supply of food verses a three month supply four times.  And remember, “Always buy American”.

Next week’s article:  General food storage.

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