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A diseased toxic body is very detrimental  for  any survival situation regardless of the amount of prep work that you do. You must make the commitment today to physically prepare yourself for the difficult journey ahead. It is important that you be in the best physical condition that you can be in. Your survival and that of your family and group depends on you. They need you! Storing your food, water, and building your survival safety net is extremely important, but your health and that of your families should be your priority.  Hopefully this brief blog will get you started on that path if you haven’t started already.General Detox:  Their is no magical formula for achieving perfect health.  If the body is given the right foods to work with it can heal itself.  Your body needs to be cleansed and nourished.  Due to a poor diet, lack of exercise, and lack of hydration our bodies have become extremely toxic. I am recommending a comprehensive physical exam with your family M.D., with a follow-up visit with a naturopathic physician who has experience in treating the whole body, not just physical symptoms. The naturopath will generally recommend a detox program catering to your health needs. There are many detox programs to choose from. Detoxification is necessary for cleansing and for the healing process to begin. Start eating better by eliminating foods that are refined, organically grown and preservative free. I know this may be expensive, but try the best way you can. For your long-term survival supplies I recommend reviewing the wonderful selection of wholesome and nutritious foods from eFoodsDirect.

Oral Hygiene:  When was your last dental trip for you and the kids?  Unless their was a serious emergency it’s probably been awhile.  Please get all dental problems taken care of now. Having dental problems in a hazardous survival situation will be extremely painful and uncomfortable. Any dental fillings, crowns, veneers or orthodontic work should be scheduled right away. If you have partials or dentures get an extra set made.  If you have no dental insurance and income is an issue here is a list of cheap alternative practitioners that should be available in every American city:

Local Junior CollegeS/Vo-tech schools: Cheap thorough cleaning by a student dental hygienist. Usually $10-$15, X-rays included.

Dental Schools: You can actually get detailed dental work very cheap compared to a private dentist. Actual dental students are supervised by a DDS. If you live near a big University this will save you tons of money but will be time-consuming.

Just a few tips to get you folks started.  My next blog will cover eye care, family planning, and cosmetic surgery while in survival mode.

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