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eFoods Direct Storable Meals Featured on the “I Gotta Have That!” TV Show

eFoods Direct and their delicious storable meals will be featured on the “I Gotta Have That!” TV show starting Monday, December 9and ending December 12, on We-TV and ION Television Networks. Storable meals are a delicious, nutritious way to feed your family, conveniently cook outdoors, and prepare your family with food for any emergency.

eFoods Direct, the storable meals company, today announced that it will be featured on the “I Gotta Have That!” TV Show’s regional holiday episodes in nine different states starting Monday, December 9 through December 12 on the  We TV and ION Television networks.

The popular “I Gotta Have That!” TV Show  will feature the eFoods Direct mission to have every person in America prepared with peace of mind through food independence in times of hardship. eFoods storable meals allow families to build a savings account of food in their own pantry, the importance of which is evident when almost every week there are stories about natural disasters and economic meltdowns in the news.  eFoods believes that despite all the things we can’t control,  families can take control of our greatest human dependency: food.  eFoods makes food independence easy and affordable.

Stored in conveniently-sized Mylar pouches, eFoods meals come in a wide variety of delicious recipes that are storable for up to 25 years and available as nutritious daily meals everyone will enjoy, from families to college kids to senior citizens. eFoods meals are also famous for their benefits in emergency preparedness situations.

eFoods will be featured on We-TV and the ION Networks during the following scheduled broadcast dates and times:

National Airing on We-TV will be on December 12th at 8:00 AM Eastern and 6:00 AM Mountain.

Regional broadcasts on the ION Network:

  • December 9 – 9:30 AM on Denver-59 KPXC
  • December 9 – 10:00 AM on Hartford-26 WHPX
  • December 10 – 10:30 AM on Seattle-33 KWPX
  • December 10 – 9:30 AM on Chicago-38 WCPX
  • December 10 – 7:30 AM on Pittsburgh-16 on WINP
  • December 11 – 10:00 AM on San Francisco-65 on KKPX
  • December 11—10:00 AM on Detroit-31 on WPXD
  • December 11 – 7:00 AM on West Palm Beach-67 on WPXP
  • December 12 – 9:30 AM on Kansas City-51 on KPXE


About I Gotta Have That! TV Show:
I Gotta Have That! TV show is produced by WestMedia Productions and airs on We-TV & ION Television. The program is a fast paced, 30 minute television show presented in an exciting news magazine format and focused on bringing innovative ideas, helpful hints and stylish products to its many viewers. I Gotta Have That! is right there with its viewers, giving them unique insight and instant access to a wide variety of interesting products and services. For more information about the “I Gotta Have That!” television show, please visit

About eFoods Direct:
eFoods Direct is a leading provider of emergency storable meals and food supply products. eFoods Direct meals are created from delicious recipes and packed in mylar bags for easy use in daily cooking, for outdoor recreation activities and in emergency situations where easily accessible food is needed. Families can buy eFoods Direct food to be eaten now and to be stored for future use.  eFoods Direct’s goal is to help all American families have delicious, affordable, healthy, and storable food for emergencies or any time. For more information about eFoodsDirect, visit

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