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The first thing that will be affected during the upcoming financial upheaval will be the food supply.  Food is a commodity that will be worth it’s weight in gold!   Having a survival garden is very important for supplementing your food stores.

There are a variety of seeds currently on the market.  The majority of seed packets that are sold at your local feed stores are the hybrid varieties.  Hybrid seeds are genetically modified by food manufacturers.   A vegetable or fruit that is grown from a hybrid seed will not produce a seed that will grow an identical plant.  Some hybrid seeds will grow nothing.  Hybrid seeds are produced by hand pollination.   I do not recommend these seeds for your survival garden.

I have been a gardner for the past four years.  All of the seeds that I have used for my crops are non-hybrid and non-gmo open pollinated seeds.  I have produced an abudance of vegetables throughout the years.   When growing  vegetable’s/fruit’s from a non-hybrid variety you are able to save the seeds and plant them to get the same vegetables or fruits.  Isn’t that wonderful?

Did you know that efoodsdirect offers a #10 can of non-hybrid seeds.    Their are over 16 garden vegetables that are offered in this  pack.   For a great price you will be provided with over 23,000 seeds  to plant 2/3 of an acre. This would be an excellent source of food for your family.  If you  actually count the seeds that you will harvest from the vegetables already produced,  you will never run out of seeds and food for your family.  Please place your order today!  Food should be your top priority!

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    • Tabatha

      Hello Erica,

      The non-hybrid Garden Seeds are dried for long-term storage (5+ years). You can find this information on the efoodsdirect website. The purchase price is a great deal!!! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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