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Couple hiking in forest with Personal Blackout Backpack with eFoods

New to prepping or just interested in what all of those strange acronyms and code words mean? Maybe you have been a prepper for a while and are too embarrassed to ask when someone refers to TEOTWAWKI. Either way, have no worries. Here is your guide to the coolest prepper jargon.


The End of the World As We Know It. This usually refers to what will happen after a major disaster. Things just won’t be the same. Unless you count cockroaches. They probably won’t even notice TEOTWAWKI. For cool points, pronounce it “tee-ought-walk-ee.” Also related is TEOCAWKI, The End of Civilization As We Know It.


When the S*it Hits the Fan. A more polite and yet colorful way of saying, “Aggh, we are in deep now!” This refers to the moment when major disaster strikes, whether that means complete global collapse or realizing it is dinner time and you’ve run out of everyone’s favorite Chicken Veggie Alfredo.


Bug Out Bag.  This is a portable kit, usually kept in a bag, that contains all the items that you would need to survive for at least seventy-two hours, after evacuating from a disaster. All people named Bob can relax. Preppers are not looking to kidnap you and use you food and fuel if there is a disaster.  Also related is BOL (Bug Out Location) and BOV (Bug Out Vehicle).


Get Out of Dodge. What do you do when there is the threat of massive flooding, major earthquake, collapse of the rule of law or a hoard of angry zombies heading your way? The answer is GOOD. This applies even if you don’t happen to currently live in Dodge or in the fictional universe of Gunsmoke.


I’m Never Coming Home. Some disasters are just so catastrophic that it may be impossible for you to ever be able to get back home. Every family should have an INCH plan. My neighbor has decided to stop cleaning and just implement his INCH plan at that point when the laundry walks away on its own.


Post-Apocalyptic World. This is the time when there may be a few people left in the world, you can wear all the leather you want, and you probably never have to dust again.

What is your favorite Prepper Term?

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