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Why do a dry run of bugging-out?

Because all of us overestimate how much we can take, and waiting till we absolutely need to bug-out might cost us our lives.

Here’s my experience: I decided one day I would simply load up my truck to see how long it took and how well it would all fit. What I learned horrified me. In less than 30 min, I had completely filled up the back of my truck. I was happy with the time that it took, but I realized I still didn’t have everything in my truck. So I decided to up my game plan and bought a cover for the back of my truck so it could hold more stuff. I thought this would easily solve my problem. Then I picked a new day to try again.

In less than 30 minutes, I beat my previous time – which made me happy, but I still had too much stuff. So again, back to the drawing board to figure out my “Plan C”. Next, I bought a trailer to pull behind my truck and picked another day to test again.

It took 45 minutes to load up, but now my truck (with its cover) and trailer were completely full, and again, I still had too much stuff – it wouldn’t all fit. So I decided I needed to buy a cover for my trailer.

Then again, I set another date to try again. This time, I filled my truck and trailer, both with their covers. I must admit, I still had too much stuff, but I am a heavy duty prepper. You might be able to fit your preps in a smaller space than mine. And now I know what I can take and what I would leave behind if I need to bug-out quickly.

All families should do a bug-out dry run so they can learn their own lessons of what goes and what stays, and so they’ll be ready to load quickly, rather than waiting till the last minute to make dozens of last minute decisions. Being overly prepared might save your life. And taking too much of the wrong things will take up too much space. EFoods Direct has some great products that can help you with bugging out, such as the Personal Blackout Backpack

Simply evaluate your family’s needs and wants, be prepared, and test your ability to pack and go, in case you need to. You will learn many life lessons, especially come to understand what and why you are taking items or leaving them, and that will help you be very prepared to bug-out when and if we need to.

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