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With President Obama’s recent National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order, some have been quick to dismiss the consequences of the order and others have struggled to understand how it actually affects them.

President Obama, by seizing the power to control all the energy, health resources, transportation, and private property along with the sources of our potable water and food, the very nature of his action has taken a precious freedom out of the hands of the American public. That simple fact, by itself, is hard for most Americans to comprehend. How can the President seize this power without so much as a single vote or debate in Congress?

With no cries of alarm from the media, many Americans have dismissed what they’ve been made aware of (assuming they were aware of it at all). Still others think that it’s a blessing that the U.S. Government will assume responsibility for deciding how and where precious resources will be distributed. They think not worrying about what is happening and having to form an opinion on what is transpiring is one less item to worry about in their already stressful lives. What they fail to realize is that this head-in-the-sand approach eventually will leave them in a situation where it will eventually become too late to act.

What we all need to understand is that millions of Americans are already living on government assistance. When the Government takes over the distribution of food supply sources, they will choose who gets the distribution of food and when. The first choice will go to those already in the government supply lines. They will get preferential treatment for they are the ones that have placed these officials in office and retaining their votes will be of utmost importance.

Your ability to provide food for your family by earning your own money will be made unnecessary by the Government’s controlled distribution and the Government’s “breadline” will become the great equalizer of the entire socioeconomic structure. The rich, the hard-working, the thrifty, the struggling, the casualties of the economy, those on fixed income, the disabled, the retired, and the lazy and unwilling welfare generations will all stand shoulder to shoulder in the government breadline hoping for their daily ration before the food runs out.

Food will then have become the medium of exchange in our economy and there will be an absolute monopoly on food. The liberty to control one’s destiny is then lost to everyone. At that day, we will have a new twist to the cynic’s perspective of the “Golden Rule.” The cynic says, “he who has the gold makes the rules.” The new “Breadline Rule” will simply be, “He that controls the food owns all the gold and makes the rules.”
We will see the biblical prediction of the book of Ecclesiastes come to pass.

“And they shall cast their coins (Silver) into the streets, and their gold shall be for naught (will be worthless) and their bowels will not be filled (they will have no food).”

Do your part as a concerned American, by continuing to share this urgent message with everyone you can. Help yourself and this country by preparing to take care of your food needs. Save and store what you can so you’re not subject to the food rationing breadlines to come.

Remember, “it isn’t a matter of whether but when.”

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