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Our hearts go out to the victims in San Bernardino, California.

This was a coordinated attack that smacks of the Islamic State…and it will get worse, much worse long before it gets any better.

Coordinated being the operative word.

Look friends, these people are coming after us. They believe it is their duty to actively bring about the end of civilization as we know it. So if you still think these people are just bands of crazies that randomly run around committing atrocities,

 it’s time to re-think things and this is why.

It’s that time of year — time to be making lists, and here’s a list you most certainly should be checking twice. Back in 2005, Jordanian reporter Fouad Hussein published a book called Al-Zarqawi: The Second Generation of Al Qaeda in which he describes a “20-Year Plan” starting in the year 2000 and ending in 2020 with the Islamic caliphate being the planet’s lone form of government and Islam its only religion.

You see, the terrorists have their own list, and thus far, they have not failed to miss even a single benchmark. Here’s their list and their progress thus far.

Part I – The Awakening (2000–2003)

The intent of this first phase was to pick a fight with the big dog on the block — us. The goal was to drag the United States into a conflict in the Middle East and “open up the battlefield [so] the Americans and their allies become easier targets.”

He reports that in hindsight, “The first phase was judged by the strategists and masterminds behind al-Qaeda as very successful.

You think?

Now, I don’t make a habit of agreeing with crazies, but in this case, I have to whole-heartedly agree. We jumped right in, guns blazing. We had no choice in whether or not to respond to the 9/11 attacks. How we responded, in hindsight, may have been a mistake.

Part II – Opening Eyes (2003–2006)

The next step after establishing itself as a household name in the West, al-Qaeda’s next goal was to open the eyes of the Muslim community to their cause and plight, and again, it worked beautifully. The destabilization of Iraq with the U.S. invasion in 2003 enabled the establishment of al-Qaeda; Jihadists formed bases all over Iraq as well as in many of the neighboring Islamic states.

 Sound familiar?

 Part III – Arising and Standing Up (2007–2010)

The design of the third phase was that of destabilization of the entire region through strategic attack, thereby weakening the anti-Islamic governments and secular regimes in countries like Jordan, Turkey, and Israel with a special emphasis on Syria.

In the four years referred to in Part III of the plan, there were well over 500 documented attacks that injured and killed thousands of innocent people in surrounding countries from France to Sri Lanka.

Part IV – Collapse (2010–2013)

May 19th, 2011 — President Obama hails Arab Spring as a ”new chapter” in U.S.-Islamic relations in the Middle East.


The plan in Part IV was to incite revolt in countries like Iraq, Egypt and Syria — countries with infidel governments.

Check, Check, and CHECK!

Further destabilization of the U.S. economy through cyber attacks was initiated, and in that period, there were more than 30 documented attacks with a price tag in the hundreds of millions.

Part V – Caliphate (2013–2016)

The key goals of Part V of the terrorists’ plan were the formal declaration of an Islamic State and the re-establishment of the caliphate. In case you missed it, the declaration came on June 29th, 2014, and the group Obama referred to as the “JV Squad” now controls an area in the Middle East larger than Great Britain.

Folks, these JV players, these murdering scum are kicking you know what and taking names. They’re 5 for 5 against the biggest, best team on the planet — us.

We’re getting picked like Johnny Cash’s Martin D-35 guitar.

And apparently, none of us care? All that is left on their list is Part VI — total confrontation with the idea being that the caliphate will “instigate the fight between the believers and non-believers.” The goal is to get us to attack with all of our technology and might to kill faithful Muslims who have volunteered to defend Allah. It is this massacre they believe will serve as the final catalyst for the 1.5 billion moderate Muslims who up to that point, will have remained on the fence, to join the fight.

The plan ends with the uniting of Christ and a new prophet — the Mahdi — in a bloody epic final battle where the infidel (us) is “led to Hell in crowds” with nothing to eat but “food that chokes” and nothing to drink but “boiling water” and nothing to wear but “clothes made of pitch.” They believe in a not-too-distant world of Islam ruled by the caliphate and sharia law.


                                   You didn’t think it was like that?

                                                                                               Guess what? Me neither.

So I make mistakes — lots of them. But the thing that separates me from what feels like most of the country is that I LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES. I am no longer sitting by hoping, believing that the U.S. government is going to or really even has the want, desire, or ability to do the same. I am preparing myself, my neighbors, and my community for the trials that are certainly upon us now.

We are working to establish networks of communication, stores of food and water, and anything we can see fit to help us in this battle against those that would do us harm. I suggest you do the same before it is too late.

Please take whatever precautions are necessary to protect yourselves, your families, and our great country my friends.

~Jax Finn


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