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Many people have purchased home water distillers in the hope of having drinking water that is as fresh and pure as possible, especially as times become more uncertain and the possibility of fresh drinking water being available may not be a guarantee. But there’s a problem with distilled water that most people aren’t aware of.

There’s nothing in it.

Distilled water certainly is about as clean as water can get. It’s derived from steaming water and then collecting the drippings from the steam. But there is such a thing as water being too clean. Water devoid of all minerals is water that is not providing your body with the minerals that are absolutely essential to your life and well-being.

You do want to have the cleanest drinking water available, but if you are storing distilled water against difficult times in the future, you will be depriving yourself of the most important minerals you’ll need during what will surely be a time of maximum stress on your body.

Normal water molecules hold vital minerals within each drop. Distilled water is completely empty. You’ve heard the saying “nature abhors a vacuum.” Well, empty water molecules want to be filled with something, and if they contain no minerals, those water molecules will leach the minerals from your body on the way out of you, leaving you less healthy from that drink of water then you were when you first drank it.

There are times when distilled water can be beneficial. When you are cleansing and attempting to remove toxins from you body, distilled water is ideal. It grabs those toxins and flushes them out. But you should only take in distilled water for a one-to two week period, and when you do, it’s best to use most of that water in herbal teas, so you’re adding nutrients to your body at the same time you’re flushing the bad stuff out. The best kind of tea for flushing your system is one that is formulated to strengthen and flush your liver and kidneys.

Most health experts recommend a flush of liver teas for one week, followed by a kidney/bladder flush the next, using the appropriate tea formulas. You don’t have to do them consecutively, you can take a break from one cleanse and then do the next when you feel ready.

There is one more caveat about home distillers to be wary of. Although they distill out the original minerals that may have been in your water, they can actually add harmful ones. Most stills are made of metal, and they can actually end up depositing harmful metals such as nickel into the water you intend to drink.

If you want your water pure, it’s best to buy a very good water filter, and keep distilled water on hand for your ironing and other purposes.  Distilled water is fine for short periods of time now and then, but it should never be the water you drink long term.

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  1. saxa

    sorry but i do not buy your argument against distilled water. minerals are gotten from foods you eat or vitamin supplements in much higher doses than the tiny amounts found in the water you drink . rain itself it seems to me is distilled water. i have been drinking distilled water exclusively since 1985 without any negative effects.

    • Rock

      Those aren’t just my arguments. Health experts such as Dr. Joseph Mercola warn vigorously against drinking distilled water exclusively. As for minerals in the foods we eat, I only wish it were so. Plants depend on the soil they are grown in for the minerals they obtain. A great deal of the farmland used today is not being properly crop-rotated, and as a result tests have shown much of America’s farmland is seriously depleted of many of the nutrients we depend upon.

      • saxa

        i stand by my 24 year long experience with no ill effects as well as the idea that vitamin supplements with minerals counteract the weak soil effect…also i have read other “experts” opinions suggesting mercola ‘s opinion is untrue.

      • Bumpkin

        I agree with Rock. IF you supplement, with multi vit/ mineral, tho, it will likely be OK, but these are costly and may not be readily available after you use your stores of them in a long-term survivalist-scenario. I also think there are times when one wants to use distilled water for health reasons, such as correcting an overabundance of a mineral ingested if there are s/s of an overage in your body- but, too many people do not eat veggies, and too many people do not supplement- in fact on my local news channel recently, there was a report that actually stated that doctors aren’t advocates of MVI’s and they are really a waste of money! I could not believe my ears! Take into consideration that most medical programs don’t even mandate a physician have even a basic knowledge of nutrition, – CLUELESS!–(experts, huh?) -they have nutritionists for that, after all, so why would anyone want to ask a doctor about it- and the report did NOT take into consideration that the mass public’s food intake is largely provided by BIG agriculture business, where cheapest delivery of foods to the public means the highest profit for the mega-growers, therefore, they overuse their lands, fertilize and de-bug crops with nasty chemicals that cause havoc inside our cells, waylaying our health in the future, etc, so that our fresh fruits and vegs are MUCH lower in nutritional values than our forefathers’ same foods were, as they usually grew their own, in most cases and didn’t use petroleum-based fertilizers and sprays on the crops. Supplement with a high-grade MVI/ mineral, and to help maximize their digestion, break any pills in half that you can get in a non-gelcapsule form exposing the inside of the tablet or pill to the stomach acids. Too many otherwise good MVIs/ minerals use a non-digestible matrix, such as wax, which basically causes too many of these supplements to end up in the sewer instead of your bloodstream. google and read if you want references, please. I am an RN, and have full knowledge of nutrition, as I have chosen to further my studies in it. -One more thing: a hospital pharmacist once told me that the ONLY med or supplement that is approved for humans to ingest that the body cannot tell the difference between natural or manufactured, is vitamin C. Best to get you minerals from natural sources if you can… Also, one needs to know what meds they take regularly will block certain vit/ mineral absorption- ie, omeprazole blocks calcium intake, and one can end up with osteopenia or osteoporosis from that…Their cutsey tv ads don’t mention that, but that is exactly what happened to me, as I hadn’t bothered to study it, since my ‘trusted’ doctor told me it was very safe to take. Never trust your fine doc to know what s/he is talking about- they are only human after all, and they make mistakes as often as the rest of us.

  2. Keith

    Which “very good water filter” would you recommend? Is it possible to filter Fluoride without distilling? Is reverse osmosis just as dangerous?

  3. bill

    thanks for the info and help. I truly beleive we are in for bad times.

  4. Cathy L. Smith

    I also have been drinking distilled water for quite some time. I would point out that like our farmland, devoid of nutrients, our ground water is very contaiminated, and I believe a filter has not been invented that can screen out toxins pumped under the water table by our local BP Chemical Plant. And the water treatment plants and city water systems, well if you trust them, your’e asking for problems. My solution, add lemon juice or take extra supplements. I also wondered about reverse osmosis but was unable to find anything.

    • Rock

      Reverse osmosis, like distillation, removes beneficial minerals. When water doesn’t contain the minerals you need, the minerals in your lymphatic system get flushed out. Your body looks for ways to replace those minerals, and tends to suck them from your bones. Degenerative diseases such as Osteoporosis have been linked to a lack of minerals in drinking water.

  5. tcat

    I thank all of you for your very informative remarks & candor

  6. how to make distilled water

    I don’t agree with you. There are many advantages of distilled water. Distilled water improves your energy, Sharpens your mental and physical performance, gradually improves your skin’s appearance and reduces wrinkles and much more…..

  7. water coolers for home

    There are pros and cons when drinking distilled water for health. Short term, it can be a life saver. It has been known to quickly remove any harmful chemicals and toxins from the body, and many people have literally had their lives saved by drinking distilled water.
    On the other side it has a negative effect:
    The more distilled water you consume in your body, the more the body absorbs carbon dioxide. Regular drinking of distilled water, in the long term, can also cause a fast loss of electrolytes in your body, which include sodium, potassium, chloride, etc.

    This also includes minerals such as magnesium. In all, deficiencies in these areas can lead to an irregular heart beat and high blood pressure.

    It’s the consumer that needs to take in consideration the pros and cons.
    Hope gave you enough information.

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  8. LuLu

    presently i add inexpensive sea minerals to just abt everything i drink every day. so and so was right: basically our soil is depleated. the mineral issue is vitally important…. easily settled. i purchase natural sea minerals cheaply….. review and educate yourself….. they come in liquid form, and are from ancient seabeds. ten or twenty years from now they will still be viable and potent. a gallon would cost about eight bucks right now. thats a lot of mineral. also, buy natural ancient sea salt now by th pound….. it will last abt forever…. a half teaspoon aday out to do it.

    • Timmeh

      Hi LuLu – could you share some links of your supplies?
      I research but… swamped with vendors selling zillions of ‘sea mineral’ variants.

  9. Roy

    Rock, I appreciate what you’re trying to do with this website, but please rewrite this page once you’ve done some research on the subject matter.
    I’ve been drinking distilled water for most of my life, and enjoy exceptional health for my age.
    Unlike the minerals in food, the minerals in water are inorganic, unusable and detrimental to the human body and are all immediately filtered out by the liver.
    Any health expert worth his salt will tell you to drink water with the least amount of minerals possible, parents are told to give babies water low in minerals, Sylvester Stalone advertised his brand of water as being naturally distilled pure glacial melt water, with no minerals.
    In fact drinking pure distilled water picks up the toxic inorganic minerals that the body rejects, and uses the blood and lymphatic streams to transport them to the kidneys for elimination through the urine.
    Expecting people to believe that minerals in water are “absolutely essential to your life and well-being” is so ridiculous that it’s not even funny, it’s just insulting people’s intelligence!

  10. Rock

    The controversy over distilled water has been going on for a long time, and I don’t expect to settle the matter here. I agree with you that distilled water molecules, because they are essentially empty, are great at picking up impurities in the body and helping to flush them out. That’s why distilled water is excellent for cleansing and flushing and probably SHOULD be used two or three times a year. But I concur with those health experts -and again, I am aware there is dissension about this- that a person should drink distilled water for a period of no more than two months when giving the body a chance to clear out toxins, but not drink distilled water only over an entire lifetime. This is only my opinion, but it is an opinion gleaned from experts I respect; and this after having once been a believer in the “distilled water only” theory.

  11. GLORIA


  12. Jason

    I’m 37, been drinking distilled water since I was about 9 years old. I don’t drink coffee, soda, alcohol; Just milk, V8 and juice once in a while; but largely about 0.7 gallons of distilled water a day. No noticeable ill effects(knock on wood).

    A theory I use to justify continued drinking of distilled water is that, yes it does have a leeching effect; Your body cells know what minerals etc they need, and absorb/hold onto them; Continued distilled water absorbs unwanted/additional minerals in the bloodstream. With our modern chemical filled world, I would assume theirs more harmful chemicals floating around in our body than ever in history.