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One of the quickest ways to get killed in a disaster situation is by making one of these common prepper mistakes. Don’t be the typical prepper who skips these important survival rules.


Don’t Hoard


Having a lot of preps sometimes gives you a good sense of security. Being able to look over all of your stock feels good, because you know that when disaster strikes you will be prepared, right? Not necessarily. If you are just stocking up, you might be more of a hoarder than a prepper right now. You need to actively use your stock now, replacing used items if needed. This is an important step that most people miss, and it applies to everything from guns to food storage.

Why? First, you need to be familiar with your preps and how to activate them. In the event of an emergency, you need to act quickly. Knowing how to use something, or get it ready quickly, will make the difference. You may only have minutes to act.

Second, using your preps ensures that you have the right ones. Take sustenance, for example. You want to make sure that your food supplies are delicious and familiar.

Third, by regularly using and replacing some of your preps, you will have the opportunity to make sure they are in good condition, updated, and fresh.


Get Family Members on Board


While it may seem easier for you to take on the sole responsibility for prepping, that will bite you in the butt during a disaster.

Trying to protect your family alone may ultimately fail. Each member of your group needs to be on board with the prepping plan. All should have basic skills and be invested in your plan. If you got ill or injured, would someone else be there to help? Does everyone know what to do in various situations?

What is another reason to work together as a prepping team? The other members of your family may have additional insight, tastes, abilities and more. For example, my husband is thrilled with our eFoodsDirect food storage units that include regular healthy entrees and soups, dried fruit and vegetables, and baked goods. I knew that we also needed to include some additional sweet treats for our children, such as hard candy.


Don’t Make It Obvious


While it is natural to want to spread the word about the importance of prepping, sometimes over sharing could get your killed, or at least put under dangerous scrutiny.

If you believe that the government is spying on everything you do, then buying a ton of prepping items at once, especially guns and ammunition, is not a good idea. Spread your purchases out, and make sure that you only do business with companies that respect your privacy and will not share your information with the government. Pay with cash or bank checks whenever possible.

You may also be calling unwanted attention to yourself if your home or property looks excessively fortified. It may invite thieves who are either convinced that you have something very valuable to protect, or who want the challenge of trying to get past your security. Be very discrete, and make sure that your home looks ordinary from the outside.


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