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Dear Friends,

eFoodsDirect just ended the promotion early that gave away a free Evacuation Kit (a $200 value). It was necessary to shift production back into regular food units in preparation for the increase in demand. In addition, consumer food prices continue to rise at an escalating pace – it couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

This is what is happening:

  • The excessive government regulations are forcing charitable and volunteer canning facilities to close their doors.
  • Legislative control and monitoring of farms.
  • Last year’s fifty-year-worst drought harvest.
  • This year’s late planting due to excessive rainfall.
  • The continued corn ethanol mandates .
  • Record drops in beef, dairy, hog and poultry production.

All of this has guaranteed that inflation rates on food will make high costs in any other parts of the economy look like child’s play.

Question: Have you noticed that taking the family out to eat has more than doubled since a couple of years ago? A hamburger that used to cost $3.50 is now almost $8.00.

Question: Did you know that more people are using discount coupons to shop for groceries than ever before because people have been forced to reevaluate where and what groceries to buy?

Is there a solution to food inflation? I think there may be only one.

Question: What is the best protection against runaway inflation: gold or food? Notice that gold is holding pretty steady, but has dropped $300 per ounce from a few months ago, while food prices are inflating astronomically. This will continue to happen and food will become so expensive that it will take all you have to buy just a little food.

Another question: When things get tough what will you spend your money on? Obviously the answer is food, since it’s your greatest absolute dependency. If you have no food and no money, what will you give up for food?

A great pioneer leader once made the statement that “there will come a time when you won’t be able to buy a loaf of bread with a bushel of gold”.

If I had $10,000 in gold and you had $10,000 in food and you knew that food prices were inflating beyond your control and the availability was getting short would you sell me your food? No. You would not because food is a necessity. Gold… is not.

Conclusion: The gold will inevitably be traded for food. It’s just a matter of time.

There’s never been a better time than now to cash in your gold and use the money for storable food, which has a 25-year shelf life.

So the question arises: When do you want to trade your gold?

In America right now, 20,000 people are falling below the poverty level daily and about half our population needs help with their food budget, either from the government, churches, or other charitable organizations. Our government has no food of its own, so it will keep on doing what it has been doing, which is printing more money.

This will make food so inflated and expensive that the only ones that can afford food are those who qualify for food stamps and welfare. The only way to freeze the cost and the availability of food is to own your own food. “You’ll never have to stand in a breadline if you have your own bread.”

Something very interesting has just occurred. Gold historically has been used to determine the value of virtually everything. Now we have just crossed the line where the value of gold will be determined by how much food it will buy.

eFoodsDirect has prepared a great deal of food in our warehouses, pre-contracted at last year’s prices. While supplies last we’ll make that food available at the present price levels. We estimate about 30 days worth of food at these prices, depending on order volumes.

Further, any of you who choose to trade your gold or silver for food can do so at a favorable precious metal price return.

With all of the current food-threatening circumstances flagged most recently by the do-it-yourself cannery closings, now is the most important time to act on behalf of your own self-reliance, liberty, and security.

After 30 years in the storable food and preparedness industry, I have never seen so many circumstances and events threatening the ability of Americans to sustain themselves with food. And this is in a country that at one time was capable of feeding the entire planet five times over.

We are truly in the eye of a perfect storm, with circumstances the outcome of which will be determined for each of us by the choices, decisions, and the responsibility we take for our future.

We must each decide and act immediately.

With my most sincere concern,

Steve Shenk

Note: There are 2 types of people you need to help get “food prepared.” Those you love and care about, and those you don’t want knocking on your door when they are out of food and know you have food.

To learn more about how to trade in your gold bullion or gold coins for food, please email me at;

Freeze the Cost (and availability) of your food at last years’ prices. Click Here

Go to these links to become better informed on hyperinflation:

“Hyperinflationary episodes have appeared several times over the past century – 56, to be exact – as the world’s nations have experimented with fiat currencies backed by the full faith and credit of the governments that issue them.”

(Table containing numbers on all 56 countries who experienced hyperinflation) (hyperlink to Hungary stats: “prices doubled every 15 hours”)



March 2007-Nov 2008

Highest inflation rate: 79,600,000,000% in November 2008

“In 2000, the Mugabe government broke up the mostly white-owned farms that formed the backbone of the nation’s agricultural sector into smaller ones. As a matter of social policy, trying to undo the enduring iniquities of the colonial era made sense. As a matter of economic policy, it was suicidal.”

“Too much foreign borrowing can be risky. Overseas lenders might abruptly decide that they’ve been irrationally exuberant. They’ll call in their loans overnight — leaving the borrower starved for cash. Economists call this a sudden stop. It’s what happened to Mexico, Thailand, and Korea in the 1990s. It’s what happened to Greece, Portugal, and Ireland after the Great Recession.”


“Bank Run” on supermarkets in Argentina:

“…inflation in Argentina is running at 30% per year, and that the government is freezing food prices in the supermarkets for two months, which has caused panic buying by the public as they fear the shops will run out of food.”

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