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Pest Control

Like I wrote about in an earlier article, keeping all pests under control is extremely crucial for the control of deadly diseases breaking out at your home or survival retreat.  Having a minimum of a year’s supply of pest control items will help greatly.

Ant bait and spray to include Fire Ant bait, Chigger lotion, Fly strips and traps, Mosquito spray, Mouse & Rat bate & traps, Roach bait, Spider spray, Wasp spray, etc.

There is also a wide variety of all natural and organic arachnid and insect repellents that will also help, along with natural plant repellents.

One other note that is a growing concern in the southwest region (see map) is the spread of killer bees.  They are extremely aggressive and have been known to chase people for a mile to sting them away from their hive.  So beware and be prepared if you live in this region.

Recommended reading – There are numerous books available on this topic.  Find one that works for you.

Plant identification – Edible & Medicinal

Edible Plants – My ancestors the Native American turned to Mother Earth to supplement their meals with the abundance nature provided her children.  Some of the most common edibles are wild blueberries, grapes, wild lettuce, Mormon tea, raspberries, mountain strawberries, water crest, etc.

Medicinal Plants and Herbs – There will be a time when you will run out of medicines from your disaster first aid kit.  When this happens, you will have to turn to Mother Earth to find her abundance of all natural healing herbs, leafs, pedals, roots, seeds and stems.  However, the knowledge on how to recognize and how to use them is a skill only learned over time.

The overall bottom line here is that if you are going this route, you will need a very good reference book with colored photos of the plants in your region of the country.

Recommended reading – There are numerous books available on this topic.  Find a book that covers your particular part of the country where you will be surviving after a disaster.

Security 24/7

With the mentality of people who are not prepared for life in a post disaster situation, the very first thing they do is panic.  I’ve seen this on numerous occasions and in every disaster I’ve worked around the world.  This will worsen a great deal when hunger sets in.  That is why it is extremely crucial to keep your eye out for these types of people who are defiantly not in their right mind and will do anything, even killing their neighbor or even a family member for their food.  And for all the druggies out there, who can’t get their fix because money no longer has any value, WILL DO ANYTHING to find something to trade for their next fix.  And due to their hyper-adrenalin state will go ballistic with go with an uncontrollable super human strength state of mine to get anything they want.

Keeping a family or group member on guard duty shifts twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for an indefinite period is something defiantly to plan for.  Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you have a minimum of at least twelve people in your survival group.  Any less than this will result in burn-out and fatigue within weeks after the disaster.  This will result in someone falling asleep on duty putting everyone the group at extreme risk for a takeover or invasion resulting in rape of the women and death for the men.  So plan ahead and be prepared.

Next week’s article: Shelter Building, Survival Safety and Tactical Driving.

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  1. millenniumfly

    I absolutely agree with you. People are nuts and will be even more so post-SHTF. I firmly believe that people will do darn near anything for food… your life is merely a roadblock to their instincts.


  1.  Training in Survival Skills 9