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When you’re at home, you can control most of your environment as you prepare for emergencies. You can buy water and food to store, and you can have backpacks packed with emergency items that you could take with you at a moment’s notice.

When traveling, it’s a different story. An emergency can be a real problem. You find yourself without cash for the light rail, or you need to get the price tag off a new blouse you just bought.

If you’re traveling by car, you can and should have an emergency car kit, like the one eFoods Direct sells. It has so many things that will make an emergency easier to get through.  And eFoods Direct sells other items separately that can really help a road trip be more safe. But what if you aren’t traveling by car? What if you are flying, and can only take what fits in your carry-on bag or checked luggage?

Flying somewhere on vacation limits what you can have on hand for an emergency, but it doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead. Here are a few things I try to always take with me when I travel, and recommend for everyone to consider:

  1. very basic first aid kit, with adhesive bandages and antiseptic wipes.
  2. medicine you normally use – vitamins/supplements, prescription drugs, something to settle your stomach or deal with heartburn, headache medicine, etc.
  3. tissue – for blowing your nose, wiping a child’s face with the “spit and polish” method, using in the bathroom when there’s no bathroom tissue, etc.
  4. wipes and hand sanitizer
  5. hand lotion – having really dry hands bugs me, so this helps my personal comfort.
  6. emery board – for rough spots that inevitably happen on a fingernail and are distracting and annoying
  7. hair tie or rubber band – to keep hair controlled
  8. cell phone – and phone chargers for both wall and car
  9. small pocket knife – as I talked about before a couple of times
  10. sanitary products – self-explanatory
  11. mini sewing kit – including safety pins and little scissors
  12. lip balm – this is a very important one for me, since I hate having sore lips
  13. coins and small denomination bills – for toll roads, vending machines, parking meters, subway, etc.
  14. snacks– like a meal replacement bar, so you can make smarter choices while you’re out instead of grabbing the first thing you see to eat because you’re starving, and so you don’t have to buy high-priced airline food for just a little hunger
  15. water – of course

Your kit may need some other things in it that fit your circumstances, but these are basic items that most people will find helpful in a small emergency while traveling. Be careful about the size of some items – you might have to check them in your luggage instead of keeping them in your carry-on bag.

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