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I’ve been meaning to tell you about something for a while now, and I keep not quite getting to it—we finally set up our Berkey water filter!

Up until a few months ago my husband and I had been buying water from the store.  We used to buy the reverse osmosis stuff from machines at grocery stores.  We lugged a 5 gallon heavy glass barrel plus several 1 gallon jugs to the store, and then we would take them back home.  Then for the past year or so we just bought spring water in 1 or 3 gallon plastic containers at the store.

We were trying to avoid fluoride.

Our idea with buying the Berkey was that we could buy the fluoride filter—sold separately—and then we would just always have good, clean water on our countertop, whenever we wanted it.

We took our sweet time about buying the extra fluoride filter, but I finally ordered it a few months ago.

Although the Berkey seemed pretty simple (there were not all that many pieces included), it came with a kind of poorly printed instruction sheet.  To be honest, it kind of intimidated me.  I decided I would give it my best shot and hopefully it would come out all right.

It turned out to be pretty easy.  The most complicated part was “priming” my black filter elements.  What you do is hold the filter up to your tap with a little rubber ring between the filter element and the tap.  The pressure of the water from the tap pushes water through the tiny pores of the filter, and eventually the outside of the element begins to sweat.

Our problem was that we have a portable dishwasher, so our kitchen tap has a special adapter on it that prevents pressure from building up.  Our other sink (in the bathroom) was not deep enough to hold the element beneath the tap, so I kept at it in the kitchen.  I held my fingers over our special tap attachment to try to block the water from escaping there.  It took a little time, but eventually it worked.  I think for people who don’t have portable dishwashers (or have multiple sinks) would be able to prime elements very easily.

So, now that the Berkey is set up, do you want to hear what I think of it?

I love it.

I don’t know why we waited to get it, or to use it.  I wish everyone had one so that I could have good water at everybody’s houses. The water tastes very clean.

The only water that my husband and I like better than our Berkey water is the bottled water that you can buy at Chipotle restaurant.  I don’t know what we find so delicious about that water, but it is really something.  The Berkey is at least as good as Evian, in my opinion.  It is much better than the jugs of spring water that we had been buying.  It is worlds better than every “drinking water” I have ever tried.

Sometimes I wish it would filter faster.  I try to remember to fill it at night, but for a larger family that drinks a lot of water, it still would not be fast enough to meet your needs, probably.  For my husband and I it is usually enough.  Aside from when I forget to refill the Berkey at night, we only run out if I’m boiling a lot of water for something.

The Berkey also takes up a fair amount of counter-space.  It is large and it is pretty tall, so you’ll definitely have to find a place for it; it isn’t like those pitcher filters that just fit in your refrigerator so naturally.

Still, it is worth the trouble, because the water is just really that great.  It is very nice not to have to always stop by the grocery store and then move heavy gallons of water around.

That has been our experience with the Berkey so far—we love it!

We got our Berkey from eFoodsDirect.  If you want one in case of emergency (or if you just like really good water on a daily basis), click here to see them in the eFoods store.

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