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“No government of a free people
can protect its citizenry from those
ruled by ideology. The responsibility,
theability, in basic terms, can only be
realized by the people themselves.”

129 dead and more than 350 injured, 99 critically

Friends, neighbors and fellow Americans, mark my words: This will happen here, and it will be sooner rather than later. As recently as last Wednesday, I gave the warning that it would be coming. I warned that these cowards, these godless scumbags, would embed themselves as refugees and use our own generosity and grace as a means to mow us down without remorse and without hesitation.

And now, they threaten us directly.

This morning a video surfaced showing a number of ISIL wannabe jack-wagons riding around in Jeeps waving assault rifles in the air like they just don’t care swearing to God that they will attack us in our center — Washington D.C. — just like they did in Paris.

(I’d love to see them try in Texas, Utah or Kentucky, where every other citizen has a concealed carry permit and all the rest of them just carry theirs in a rack that hangs in the back window of their Chevy or Ford.)

I say, BRING IT.

There are tens of thousands of us primed and ready for your arrival. You ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen what a motivated American will do when they realize their life, liberty and freedom are being threatened.

The question is what’s it going to take before people wake up and smell the coffee? I mean, look at the news — look at the social media outlets. There’s so much liberal bleeding-heart garbage out there: “Solidarity with France,” “Our hearts go out to the French,” and so on.

Not to be insensitive, but WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?

There is none. Why? Because no one wants to get their hands dirty and no one ever got drawn into a fight by simply offering kind words to the loser. Call it a buffer. Call it someone else’s problem. Call it whatever you want.

I call it stupid.

Maybe it’s the Idaho country boy coming out in me. Maybe it’s the Christian. Maybe it’s just the bull-headed never-say-die wrestler. Maybe it’s a combination of all three, but one thing I know is that in life being unprepared rarely works out in anyone’s favor while being prepared is never a detriment.

In other words, if you want to stop a double-leg takedown, you must first (yes, I know this might be a revolutionary concept to some) step on the mat and learn a proper wrestling stance.

If you want to be prepared, if you want the confidence that comes with self-sufficiency and preparedness planning, then start now. I have been working tirelessly to provide one of the single greatest preparedness databases on the planet right here at the eFoodsDirect blog.

Yes, there’s a lot to know and even more to do, but a marathon is not run in one big leap. It is the culmination of thousands of small steps starting with the one taken at the starting line. In regard to personal preparedness, the first few steps are the three basics: food, fire and water.

Listen, I’m no prognosticator, but I did call it last week. I said these idiots were coming in posed as refugees, and lo and behold, we learn that Ahmad al-Mohammad, one of the stadium bombers, did exactly that.

(Obama wants to bring in 10,000 more next year.)

I said that they would also be homegrown, and reports tell us that as many as five of the murderers were French nationals. I also said the only way we can legally combat it is to be beacons of light, root these vermin out from the dark holes they reside in and expose them for what they are —

hypocritical murdering bullies

— an idea that, since the attacks, has been quite popular. In fact, it was as early as the morning after the attack I heard Mike Slater on The Blaze saying the exact same thing. His message was so similar, I had to recheck my mailing list to see if his name was on it.

If these guys are paying attention to what ol’ Jax is saying, maybe you should too.

We only have one option, friends: step up and meet this thing head on. It’s on us as individuals. It’s on us as a people. Our hands will get dirty. The question is only going to be that of when. What’s it gonna take? Jihadi John rolling up to our kid’s school in a rented VW packed with Kalashnikov rifles and suicide vests? Or will we learn from our friends in France that terrorism (or fanatical rectalism, as I call it) has no borders and ultimately no limits.

Fanatical RectalismJaxism for Islamic terrorists given their insatiable need to be the grand-scale version of the south end of a northbound cow. Also to be used in response                                                                         to Obama suggesting that the term Fanatical Islamist might hurt some feelings.

The choice is plain. Prepare now and be ready or keep your head in the sand, hoping and praying that someone (who is now Barack Obama, just in case you didn’t realize it) will come save us before the bad men come to take our lives.

I’m a do-it-myself kind of guy, so for me, the choice is clear.

This, I am sure, will rub many of you the wrong way. I am sure it will cost me subscribers. But sometimes there are things that must be said, and there are times when good people must take a stand. That time is now.

Prepare yourselves. Prepare your neighbors and communities. TALK with each other. Watch each other’s backs. Do something, and whatever it is, do it now.

Stay Safe. GET PREPARED. Step up and root this evil out at its core. I’m right there with you.

Your Friend,
Jax Finn

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