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We all have a comfort zone. We tend to freak out a little when we are two steps outside of our zone and we all know it. Why stock seven different long-term storage meals if none of them are something we would eat in a non-emergency situation?

Part of the reason people prepare for the worst is because of the sudden change. Having a stockpile of the foods and other supplies can make a disaster situation much less of a shock. To help even more, it’s a good idea to do a few things while you are preparing. Let’s take a look at a couple of them.

Store What You Like

If you aren’t a fan of tuna, you aren’t going to want to store cases of canned tuna. You’ll end up hating it even more. Make sure to have a variety of your favorites too. Sure, you may like beef stew, but you aren’t going to like it 30 days in a row.

Having varied meal choices will go along way when it comes to menu fatigue. Even when you have seven different kinds of meals, they can still get old after a while. Buying items to spice up your meals is a great thing and you’ll be happy you did. Anything from freeze dried fruits to different vegetables to freeze dried meat can help change things up.

Try the Meals

Eating some of the storage meals when you are’t in a survival situation will help you decide if a breakfast meal is something you like. If the meal is great, you can order more. If it’s not to your liking, you can not order it again.

Having food you actually like and know what to expect in terms of taste, portion size and the energy level the meal will give you is a great tid-bit of information to have ahead of time. Brand to brand, the meals taste differently. The ingredients are used in different quantities, one meal might have more sauce than you prefer or any other number of variables.

Try the Free Samples

Many companies such as eFoodsDirect have samples meals so you can try them out before you buy enough food for a year or a month. Cheesy Chicken Rice and a couple of flavors of soup are available for the cost of shipping. These packages will give you 12 servings total to get a feel for the quality and the taste of the meals at a very low cost. This sample pack is also a great gift idea for someone you know who might be on the fence about buying long-term storage food.

The situation may not arrive where you would solely live on these meals, but they can come in handy if you lose a job or are otherwise strapped for cash. The disaster you are preparing for might not be mother nature or an EMP making your life hard. It can just be life in general taking a turn for the worse. Being prepared is just that. It’s more like blanket insurance for what may happen than a specific event.

What are your tips about storing food you like versus storing a little of everything?

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