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Bugging out is basically leaving where you are and moving to a safer place with great speed.

But before you leave you’ll want to take some survival things with you. There are some great products out there and you have a lot of things that you can choose from. Or you can build your own.

Let’s say that you are enjoying a nice evening with your family when suddenly the house or apartment building starts to shake. It’s an earthquake, you can tell that the building might come down at any moment and you have to leave now. So you quickly gather up your family and move outside. You make it to your car in time to see the entire building come down. Now what? You don’t have any supplies and most likely you aren’t wearing any shoes. You don’t have any food and you have nowhere to go.

Let’s back track. On your way out the door you grab your go bag that is sitting in the closet by the front door. You again make it outside just in time to see the building come down. With this you have enough food for your family for 2-weeks. That will be more than enough to support you until help can reach you or until you reach your other family members that live only one state away. You can feed yourself and your family.

However if this is the first time you have thought about it, I would like to suggest taking a look at the 2-Week Family Grab and go pack. It can feed 4 adults with 168 servings of nutritious food plus milk and snacks.

I know what you are thinking “What’s in it?” Let me tell you. There are 16 servings of Almond Cocount Granola and 24 servings of Apple cinnamon Oatmeal. That is enough breakfast food to last 4 adults for 10 meals.

“Well that’s great but what about Lunch and Dinner?” It has 7 different types of soups in it. And 64 servings of soup, that’s enough to last a family of 4 for 16 meals. But it gets better it also has Entrees. J Six different types of Entrees and in that it has 64 servings; again 16 meals. If you are anything like me when I eat I usually fill up on the Entrée.

But wait there is still more. It has 16 servings of White Rice. And rice fills your stomach up pretty fast.

In this pack also includes 3 different types of drinks. Whey Milk -24 servings (6 meals with 4 people drinking milk.) Grape Drink- 24 servings and Orange Drink- 32 servings. (8 Meals with 4 people drinking Orange Drink.

Dessert is included they have Chocolate Pudding -10 servings and Caramel Cream Pudding 15 Servings. Together that is 25 servings of Dessert.

That is the family pack. The single pack has less in it but is still just as good. The family pack also includes the accessory kit with stove, cook pot, Katadyn water filer (very important if you want clean water that won’t make you sick.) utensils, cups, emergency masks and a heavy-duty duffle bag. You are definitely getting the best “bang for your buck.”

If you are bugging out you should have a bag with everything that you need in it to provide for yourself and your family. The family pack has everything you need and it will stay good 25 years from now and still taste good.  So you won’t be wasting your money because the food in your to go bag goes bad in five days. Money saver!

Now if you are single, think about it this way, that would be a 56 day individual grab and go bag. It will last you a lot longer than 2-weeks. But if you want, you can always get the 2-week individual grab and go bag. Be warned if you have a family of 4 it’s only going to last you about 3-days so stick with the 2-week family pack.

The single Grab and Go pack hold 52 servings of nutritious food. It also includes an accessory kit with stove, cook pot, Katadyn water filter, utensils, cups, emergency masks, and multi-pocket back-pack.

It is still a good grab and go bag but it has less in it.

But you have 16 servings of Almond Cocount Granola, 4 different types with a total of 16 servings. 5 Entrees with 24 servings in all. 8 servings of White Rice; 8 Servings of Whey Milk and 8 Servings of Orange drink.

(This one also has desert! J) And 5 Servings of Chocolate pudding. Yum…

To sum up prepare to leave your home in a hurry if you have to.


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