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Having a fullly stored, prepared home does not mean that you have to take a second mortgage out on that home to be prepared. Taking advantage of inexpensive prepared food plus shopping the monthly deals go a long way to protecting not only yourself and your family, but also your finances.

Knowing when to buy something can mean the difference between saving hundreds of dollars or doing without. Each month, I focus on what we should all buy to take advantage of deals and specials, while stocking up on our preparedness supplies.

This month it is April, and a welcome to spring in many areas of the country. Shake off the coldness of winter, check your supply and maintenance lists and pick up anything on this that you still need.

Tires and Car Care Supplies

Keeping your car in tip top shape and ready to help you evacuate is important. If your car is not currently at its best, price compare on car supplies. Tires will be an especially good deal as stores try to take advantage of the fact that the warmer weather makes people start to think of vacations and road trips.

Home Building Supplies and Tools

Retailers encourage Spring home renovations by putting tools and supplies on deep discounts, so now is the time to pick up anything you need for shelter building or for general supplies. Also take advantage of the increase in free project classes than many of the national home supply chains offer to build appropriate skills.


Need a couple of extra pots and pans for your supplies? Buy them now in April. Why? Cookware is a popular gift for graduation and weddings, two events that start happening during the next few weeks, so stores will put them on discounts. Be sure to select sturdy cookware that will hold up whether you are cooking at home or on the go.

Sneakers, Hiking Boots and Sports Shoes

As people start heading back outdoors in April, the stores respond by posting sales on sneakers, hiking boots and sport shoes. You should always have a few extras when it comes to footwear, as you won’t get very far without it.

Now is also the time to stock up on several sizes for the kids. In the event that it becomes difficult to shop in the future, your kids will still be covered even when they grow into a new size.

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