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If you need glasses, or corrective eyewear, to see, then you better make some additional prepping arrangements in case disaster strikes. Otherwise, your rate of survival will go down, significantly.

Your vision is one of the most important resources that you have. If there is an emergency, will use it almost every moment that you are conscious, whether you need to read a map, catch or prepare food, scan the horizon for threats, navigate, etc. Without the protection of the modern world, blurred vision can mean death. The reality is that a visual impairment is a liability. Let us correct and compensate for that with some extra prepping.

Laser Surgery

If corrective surgery is an option for you, consider having it done now. This should eliminate your need for corrective lenses of any kind, at least until the natural aging process takes over.

Contact Lenses

Lightweight and convenient, contact lenses can correct vision and give you complete clarity in your entire field of vision. If you opt for contacts, make sure you have an adequate stock, and invest in long-wearing, disposable contacts. This will eliminate some of your maintenance, and you will always have fresh lenses available. Be aware of expiration dates, and stock extra cleaning solution. Although not recommended by eye doctors, emergency cleaning solution can be made from properly filtered distilled water. Add a very small amount of salt to reduce the risk of infection. Always include a back up pair of glasses.

Prescription Glasses and Reading Glasses

Purchase extra prescription glasses, and choose sturdy frames with scratch and shatter resistant lenses. These will cost more now, but will act as extra insurance for your vision. Titanium or “unbreakable” frames are an excellent investment. Remember that you are thinking for the long-term and for survival.

Reading glasses are relatively inexpensive and can be found almost anywhere. Stock up on extra pairs both in the strength you are currently using and in stronger versions. As you age, you will need reading glasses with increasing strength.

Don’t forget straps, lanyards and hard cases, to secure and protect your glasses in extreme situations.

Homemade Vision Solutions

Sometimes you run out of options, and you could find yourself in need of vision correction on the fly. There are a couple of options. None of them are great, but they may get you through temporarily.

Squinting is one solution. We all naturally do this. Squinting works by limiting incoming light and focusing it more precisely. After a while, though, muscles get tired. A homemade occluder works the same way. An occluder is an object with small pinholes in it. In an emergency situation, you can create one out of aluminum foil.

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