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One of the most important ways to prepare for an emergency of any type is to have health and strength to deal with the emergency. It is important to be physically fit so that you can manage life after TEOTWAWKI, should that ever happen. So you will, of course, try to get into better physical shape. And you will, of course, have a first aid kit among your preparations. But did you know there is something else you can do to help your body be healthy and fight off infections? There’s a new set of products available from eFoods Direct – Activz Silver, in both gel and liquid forms.

How does silver work? Silvers, such as ionic and colloidal silvers, can be of benefit for the body’s immune system. Studies show that Activz silver is one of the safest and most natural ways to support the immune system. Activz silver utilizes nano-particle technology to help rid the body of harmful things by “stealing” electrons from the harmful things in the body. The key thing to know about products with silver in them is to know the “ppm”, or “parts per million”. That is the ratio that measures how many units of solute are in one million units of solvent. With some types of silvers, they need a high concentration of silver in order to get results. But Activz using a special proprietary formula with a lower potency that is still stable and effective. Most silvers (like ionic and colloidal) work by way of a chemical action, but Activz Silver uses a catalytic action instead. This helps the natural processes of the silver work more quickly. And Activz Silver continues to work over and over, rather than only one time like some silvers.

Forms of Activz Silver EFoods Direct carries two forms of Activz silver. There is Activz Silver Liquid, which is taken orally, and Activz Silver Gel, which is used topically.

Activz Silver Liquid is perfect for treating the immune system from within the body. It is 12 ppm. The recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon up to three times daily for adults, and ¼ to ½ teaspoon once daily for children. It is sold through eFoods Direct in 8 oz. (48 doses) and 16 oz. (96 doses) bottles. It is safe to use daily and has no negative side effects. The taste is not metallic-tasting and is quite mild. It does not need to be refrigerated.

Activz Silver Gel is for skin care, particularly wound treatment. It is 24 ppm. It can be mixed with another product such as a lotion or cream or can be applied directly on a wound. It is non-greasy, and has no odor or alcohol. It absorbs quickly and helps heal skin irritations in a natural way. It is available through eFoods Direct in two sizes – 1.5 oz. tube (perfect for carrying in your purse or pocket) and 4 oz. tube (larger for home use).Either size would work well in an emergency first aid kit, both at home or in the car. It can be applied as needed – it cannot be applied too often, and the skin will benefit from every application. Activz Silver is not expensive, and is worth trying to see how your family benefits from using it. It is also a great addition to a first aid kit and medicine cabinet. A healthier body is a happier body, and when an emergency happens, healthier is definitely best! I’m ready to try Activz Silver — are you?

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