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top 10 bugout bag items

I don’t know about you, but a lot of people I know were on the lookout this past September/October, thinking that some cataclysmic thing was going to happen because of the blood moons, the Shemitah, or the economy (United States and the world). But those months came and went, and our lives are basically the same as they were at the end of August. So now what?

You have some options.

1. Some people I know are selling off their preparations, since what they thought was going to happen didn’t happen after all. They often say things like “I can’t believe I got taken in by all the hype. It was probably way off. Maybe it will be in a hundred years or so.” They decided that the money would be better spent somewhere else, like on a family vacation. All they needed to do was find someone to buy their food storage or tent for a good price and they had their cash back. Do you know anyone who did that?
2. Another choice is to prepare even more. Since it didn’t happen in this September/October, that means the chances are even greater that an event will happen soon. You may choose to up the rate of your prepping — sometimes even using money beyond what is wise. For instance, some people are cashing out retirement accounts and taking whatever penalties that incurs without carefully thinking through the ramifications of such a move.
3. The middle ground is my favorite. That’s where I am at this point. So things didn’t happen like I thought they would in September/October. Big deal. That doesn’t mean they won’t happen. Our country’s economy isn’t magically more stable now since we made it through September/October. Our ground isn’t less quake prone than it was before. There’s really nothing to give us the impression that we won’t need our preparations at some point, probably sooner than we think. Plus, because TEOTWAWKI didn’t happen yet, we have more time. We can earn more money, enabling us to get those eFoods Direct products we still want to get. We have more time to figure out our game plan for bugging out and for sheltering in place. We have more time to pack our bug-out bags and to go on a trial run with our preps. We have time to make our homes more earthquake proof, by attaching our bookcases to the walls and having emergency drills with our kids.

So the bottom line is TEOTWAWKI didn’t happen yet. If you believe didn’t happen yet means won’t happen at all, sell your preps. Take that dream vacation. I know people who would love to buy your preps at a deep discount. Quit thinking about bug-out bags, world economies and earthquakes. Think about the sunshine on your vacation.

But if you believe (like I do) that didn’t happen yet means will still happen, then don’t sell; buy. And keep buying — because one of these days, all that prepping will pay off.

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