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I was talking to someone about emergency preparation a few days ago, and he was not at all interested in doing anything to prepare ahead. He had an interesting theory of how he would make it through any hardships. That got me thinking:

If we aren’t prepared to take care of ourselves, who do we think will take care of us?


Family First

Some people are counting on their extended family to take care of them in an emergency. Obviously, we would all pull together in an emergency, and taking care of family would be top priority. Some of us have lived with our parents when we needed to have lower expenses, or we have helped each other out financially. But if there were an emergency, would you even be able to get over to their house? And do they have enough of an emergency food storage to be able to handle their own needs as well as yours?



How well do you know your neighbors? Do you know them well enough to show up on their porch in an emergency and just expect them to share everything they have with you? Do you know for a fact that they will be generous in an emergency, or do you just hope they will be? Do you know what types of things they have stored – water, food, fuel, equipment, weapons, blankets, medicine, radio? Have you and your neighbors talked together about emergency prep so you know you have enough of everything for everyone in the neighborhood? If you are relying on each other, a neighborhood meeting is critical to have ahead of time – if you think you’re going to get help from neighbors, you better talk to them before the need.



Some people think that they can count on help from the government in an emergency. We see news programs on television that show the government coming to the aid of the people after hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, floods, and other disasters. But if you paid attention, you also noticed that the government isn’t there very quickly. It usually takes at least a few days before the people receive emergency supplies such as food, water, and everything else needed.



Maybe you think that if you play your cards right you don’t need to be prepared for anything, because God will take care of you – maybe in the way that the children of Israel were fed manna as they were wandering in the desert for forty years (Exodus, chapter 16). There are scriptures that imply that we don’t need to worry about anything if we just trust in Him (Matthew chapter 6), but do you really think that He doesn’t expect us to do anything to take care of ourselves? There are plenty of stories in the Bible that are about being prepared, too, like Noah, who was instructed to prepare for the flood. Personally, I think He expects us to do what we can to be prepared for the future, so that we can not only help ourselves, but also help anyone else that is around us.

So, who are you expecting to help you in an emergency? Family? Neighbors? The government? God? Or you will be prepared and as self-sufficient as you can be? The choice is up to you.

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