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If there is an emergency, FEMA will be there soon to help, right? Those who hope or want FEMA to come save them in an emergency during a big crisis are kidding themselves. FEMA couldn’t handle the New Orleans disaster from Hurricane Katrina – it took them forever to get there, and the help they brought was minimal. The people got much more help, and much more quickly, from churches and charitable organizations.

FEMA obviously wasn’t the answer in that instance – it couldn’t handle the problems, and New Orleans was only one city. What if the emergency were a regional or national disaster?

FEMA will quickly find itself very overwhelmed.

It is a much safer approach to assume that help isn’t coming and to JUST GET PREPARED OURSELVES!

Start with a 72-hour kit, also known as a bug-out bag. There are many eFoods Direct posts that show what items to put in a bug out bag and how to do so “on the cheap”. Once you have a bug-out bag, work on your in-home storage. Make your way up to a 3 month supply, then 6 months and eventually 12 months or longer.

We need our own food and garden seeds – especially seeds that are grown in the area we live in, and we know will do well. We also need dehydrated or freeze dried foods – if we have to leave our homes, we won’t get very far carrying a 50 lb bag of potatoes. If they are dehydrated or freeze-dried, we you can easily take them with you. If you have dehydrated or freeze dried foods, you can use them whether you need to leave your home or stay in place. By making sure you have dehydrated or freeze dried foods, you are much more prepared for difficult times.

Further, the U.S. Dollar has been the world’s currency for many decades. Many experts believe that if the United States economy collapses, a global economic collapse will happen. All the other countries are too dependent on our economy. We, as a people, need to be more self-reliant.

Many people feel a national economic collapse will happen in the fall of 2015. Many are acquiring as much food storage as possible as quickly as they can. If a crash doesn’t happen in 2015, those who did prepare are prepared, whether it happens in 2015, 2016, or anytime after that.

Be wise, budget, and purchase supplies soon.

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