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The other day, I was looking through my pantry in search of something I needed. While I was there, I noticed some things in my food storage that need to be rotated – asap.

Some things tend to be easy to rotate – like baking supplies (flour, sugar, etc.) and canned goods (soups, etc.). Other things can just stay a part of our food storage forever…and who knows if it will even be edible and good when the time comes to use it?

We all know we need to rotate our food storage, but a lot of us don’t do it – or at least not as much as we should.

So what are some of the reasons we don’t rotate our food storage? I can think of several – see if any of these resonate with you.

  1. If we use it, we have to remember to replace it. Will we remember to replace it soon enough, before there’s really an emergency?
  2. It’s hidden away, or boxed up and stored in the basement, or under a bed or two, or somewhere else inconvenient to access.
  3. It’s factory-sealed for long-term storage, maybe even for 20-30 years. No need to open and use any of it until then, right?
  4. We just plain forget about it. If we don’t plan to use it, we can get in a routine of making the same meals frequently and using the same products often, and using less often used products takes some planning ahead.
  5. We don’t know if we will like it, because we haven’t even tried it. Maybe someone else recommended it, or gave it to us, or maybe it was on sale. But it definitely isn’t part of our usual routine. We may even be afraid to try it!
  6. It’s expensive. If we have bought commercially-available food storage that is freeze-dried or vacuum packed, it can be more expensive than what we usually use. We can’t afford to live on the expensive stuff all the time – nor would we want to.
  7. We don’t have enough stored up yet, so if we start using it, doesn’t that just defeat the purpose?
  8. We were gifted home-canned products like peaches or apricots, and we aren’t sure about the handwritten date on the lid. Is that the date it was canned? Or when it is supposed to be good through? How do we know if it is still safe to eat?
  9. We have a large can of something and aren’t sure we will be able to eat it all before it goes bad or loses nutrition or flavor.
  10. We prefer to use fresh vegetables and fruit, so we buy them fresh…all the time…even when we have canned ones in the pantry and the fresh are out of season (and more expensive because of it).

Hopefully, as you read through these “reasons” for not rotating food storage, at least a couple hit a nerve and will spur you to action! We’ll talk more about these in my next post – along with some reasons for rotating and some tried and true strategies that can work for you. In the meantime, figure out what’s keeping you from rotating, and consider making some adjustments.

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