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I have a friend, a nurse practitioner that preaches a profound, yet simple principle.  When it comes to taking care of your body, you just have to do 80%.  By that, she means that nobody is perfect when it comes to taking care of our bodies, but we can be pretty close, be 80% perfect and your body can make up the rest.  Some ways to achieve the 80% are: Clean eating (eliminating unhealthy processed foods), eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, getting daily exercise, taking vitamins/supplements, etc.

Wait a minute… so even if I’m eating healthy I still need to take vitamins and supplements? Yes!  Even when you are doing a good job of eating healthy foods, there will still be areas that are lacking.  Did you know that almost everybody has a Vitamin D deficiency?  Most fairly healthy people are deficient in one area or another when it comes to balance of vitamins and minerals in the body.  Even when times are good, this is true; but what about when times are bad?

In the case of an emergency, where you are forced to rely upon your emergency food supply for nourishment and nutrition, would beans, rice and flower give you what you need?  Sure, there is nutrition to be found in those common food storage supplies, but even still, they lack several important nutrients.  How many people do you think plan to keep vitamins and supplements alongside their emergency food supply?  I don’t know, maybe a lot of people, but to me it seems an idea that could be easily ignored and swept under the rug.

So what vitamins and minerals should be stockpiled in case of an emergency?  Your body is fueled and protected by several different ones, but let’s narrow it down to the ones you absolutely cannot do without:

Vitamin A– Aids in immunity, vision, and heart health

B Vitamins– There are 8, and they help your body metabolize, maintain tone muscle, and sharpen the mind.

Vitamin C- Immunity, heart health, healing, and eye health

Vitamin D- Reduces risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and diabetes.  Also aids in muscle function.

Calcium- Protects bones

Iron- Lack of Iron in the body leads to a weakened immunity and menstrual problems for women.

There are several more vitamins and minerals that are important in the body, but here are 6 to add to your survival food supply.  When you plan healthy food storage and add these supplements, you will be well on your way to being 80% perfect.




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