Easy Everyday Meals

While creating delicious food storage is at the core of the eFoods model, there’s so much more within our mission. Our Quick Fix meals are so easy to prepare that you can serve them at your table any day of the week. Plus, there is the added bonus of knowing you and your family are receiving proper nutrition with these meals.  Additionally our Bulk Supply items let you mix and match ingredients to create your desired recipes.

Our products will make you think differently about long-term food reserves. All our products are best used in the first 25 years, so you can save the food for uncertain times ahead and serve it tonight, all with the security of knowing you are serving quality food in the bad times as well as the good.

Quick Fix Meals are the definition of a "quick fix and no fuss meal."  They provide bold delicious flavor and easy preparation.  The come conveniently portioned and well-packaged. Their versatility allows them to go anywhere and do anything—just add water and you're set.


Use Quick Fix Meals when you:

  • Have limited time and need a complete meal option (busy parents, college students)
  • Need easier meal options (senior citizens, injured individuals)
  • Rely on compact convenience (campers, fishermen, backpackers, hunters, hikers)

Products with Quick-Fix Meals:

Bulk Supplies are dehydrated foods packed in #10 cans and are highly economical for those who are looking for bargain pricing on your favorite products. The great thing about these reserve ingredients is that they cook and taste just like your regular food. These packs also contain a cookbook to help you get the most from your food, as well as give you ideas for your dinner plans.

Use Bulk Supplies when you:

  • Have more time for cooking
  • Want to mix and match your meal ingredients
  • Want to use bulk purchasing for your own recipes or create new ones

Products with Bulk Supplies: