Heating in an emergency #1

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So the time is coming when it is getting COLD.  I think Hell is probably cold because wow it is painful.  One of my friends was involved in attempting to help resuscitate a person who tried a heating method that was not safe and the person died.  Anyway I want to discuss heating in your… Read more »

Car kit for emergencies

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So my wife and I were discussing what the cars need for the upcoming snow storms we are plagued with during the winter.  I was unfortunately at loss to what I should have in my car for emergencies.  I felt foolish and looked up some information to help me.  I really liked what this site… Read more »

Home remedies

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Okay,  I take no credit for this blog. As a nurse I feel very good discussing medical cures and remedies.  However I am married to a self proclaimed witch (someone who believes in home remedies).  She stated that I need to be open to the possibility of natural and home based remedies.  So here is… Read more »


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So my daughter shamed me the other day.  She is 9 years old. We talk about emergency preparedness all the time in our house.  So I was discussing  our family plan and my daughter says,  “What about Paulie?” Paulie is our cockatiel bird and is every bit a member of our household.  So with this… Read more »

Medications to keep on hand for Emergencies

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Along with other medications to keep on hand, you should stock a year’s supply of any prescription drug needed. An understanding of the bacteria that cause disease is necessary if you are to prescribe antibiotic treatment. While there are hundreds of bacteria, there are relatively few that that cause most of the problems in people…. Read more »

Small Bright Idea

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So my friend had a power outage in his house and had difficulty finding light.  Of course this got me thinking, which prompted me to think how I can avoid this issue for my family.  I came up with a very easy and simple solution.  Check these out. So I got LED flashlights (Very cheap 2… Read more »