Storing Water Part 7: Getting the Ph Just Right

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Be sure you’ve read part 6 of this series before proceeding. Since all sorts of unsavory methods are used to keep municipal tap water “clean,” the water from your faucet is probably not going to have the proper ph balance.  It is absolutely essential that you have the proper ph levels when you’re storing water… Read more »

By All Means, Go Shopping

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The frenzied Black Friday crowds that jostle each other in a frantic attempt to unload their money basically have the right idea.  They were just doing it for the wrong reasons and buying the wrong stuff. In some respects, those manic crowds reminded me of newsreels I had seen of 1930’s Germany during the hyperinflation… Read more »

Going Up Fast

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Rocketship on Corn... implying rising food costs

Steve Shenk, the president and co-founder of eFoodsDirect was interviewed on the Alex Jones radio show, and he came bearing bad news: food prices are going up.  Really fast. It’s fascinating to hear first hand from someone involved in the purchase of food commodities. It was good to learn precisely what some of the factors… Read more »

A ‘Mad Max’ Scenario

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There can be little doubt that we’re headed for some very rough times ahead.  The devaluation of the dollar will result in an unavoidable hyperinflation of the money supply, and lots of people will suffer.  The problems we’re having now are only the beginning.  But all this raises the question: How bad will it get?… Read more »

Your Local Depression Barometer

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store front with going our ot business signs

Fair Oaks Boulevard is a main thoroughfare that reaches from Sacramento into the suburb of Carmichael where I live. Then, it continues for several more miles into the once sleepy little town of Fair Oaks. I was driving this familiar street thinking about how normal everything seemed.  Traffic continues as always with people coming and… Read more »

When the Bees Disappear, the Food Disappears

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In the central California area near where I live, they grow 80 percent of the world’s almond crop on 60 million almond trees. These trees won’t produce nuts unless honeybees are there to pollinate them, so to get the job done, every spring, California almond growers rent beehives that are shipped by truck from out… Read more »

Is it Worth it to go to College in Times Like These?

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I frequently hear of students lamenting the high cost of college tuition these days, yet few are stepping back to consider whether any of it is really worth the expense anymore.  For three generations now, it has been assumed without question that without a college degree, it is impossible to get ahead. It may be… Read more »