Survival Partners

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When it comes to surviving a post TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World as We Know It) situation, there is a very big psychological plus to being with like-minded, survival oriented friends that you can trust with your life.  Without these good, close, like-minded friends, survival will be extremely lonely. While living and surviving under… Read more »


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With the deficit well over 16.3 trillion dollars and rising everyday, and a financial collapse of our economy imminent, the end of the American Dream is at hand.  Can it happen here? Yes it can, and the American people have no idea of the hardships and suffering they will be going through in the very… Read more »

Thinking the Unthinkable: Who Will Live?

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The people who will live and even thrive in a worse case scenario post disaster situation like a CME or an EMP attack will be people who are not arrogant, who are not complacent, who are not in denial, who are not gullible, who are not a narcissist and who will not rely on the… Read more »

Survival Recycling

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Chili made in a dutch oven

In surviving a worse case scenario disaster, everything you have in your possession will have to last you indefinitely along with foraging for what you need.  This will be due to no supply truck running, civil unrest and crime waves destroying businesses and homes, and devastation from natural disasters.  So recycling everything feasible will be… Read more »

Your Survival Grubstake

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wooden chest

Having a “Survival Grubstake” on hand in your home and/or at your survival retreat will mean the difference between life and death. What is a Survival Grubstake?  It is all your food, gear, guns & ammo, provisions, seeds, supplies, etc., gathered by a prepper/survivalist to be prepared and be ready for any man-made or natural… Read more »

When You’re On Your Own

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Everyone at one time or another in their lives should have heard of a “72 Hour Kit”.  Personally, as a disaster preparedness instructor for over seventeen years now, I do not believe in them or teach them in my classes. When any major disaster strikes, there is always hunger and grave suffering in the aftermath. … Read more »