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file000642399059Having a “Survival Grubstake” on hand in your home and/or at your survival retreat will mean the difference between life and death.

What is a Survival Grubstake?  It is all your food, gear, guns & ammo, provisions, seeds, supplies, etc., gathered by a prepper/survivalist to be prepared and be ready for any man-made or natural disaster.  At the bare minimum, you should have at least a thirty day grubstake.  A minimum grubstake is a one year grubstake.  A basic grubstake is a three year grubstake.  And a standard grubstake is a seven year grubstake.  This grubstake will defiantly help make through the transition to total survival mode when your living off the land like our ancestors did back in the sixteen, seventeen and eighteen hundreds.

QUALITY: When buying supplies for your survival grubstake, always remember “Quality over Quantity”.  Quality items always cost more, but remember that your life and the lives of your family depends on the quality items you purchase.

There are numerous places where one can purchase the items needed for your grubstake.  Ace Hardware, Home Depot, K-Mart, Sam’s and military surplus stores all have very good items.  And always shop around for the best prices.  I have seen items vary as much as $120 for the exact same item between two mail order companies.  Others places to consider for shopping are flea markets and yard sales.  Quality used items can be found very inexpensively and save you a lot of money.  And be on the lookout for the very cheap and very poor quality items coming out of Communist China.  Always remember you get what you pay for so buyer beware.  I suggest you buy quality, American made products.

FOOD: There are three basic types of food to consider for your grubstake – Canned, MRE’s and Dehydrated/Freeze-dried.  Canned goods can last for at least three to five years.  MRE’s can last from months to over eight years depending on their storage temperature.  And dehydrated/freeze-dried foods can last up to thirty years or more when properly sealed and stored.  And remember, do not buy any foods from overseas or any foods that contain GMO’s for your survival food grubstake.

GUNS & AMMO:  Every person in your family and/or group age thirteen and older should have their own gun.  This would include a pistol (38 or larger caliber) and a rifle or 12 gauge shotgun.  Ammo should be hollow or soft point with at least 1000 rounds minimum per gun.  And don’t forget your extra cleaning supplies.

SUPPLIES: This is the largest category to consider.  The main area here would be medical supplies, a year’s supply minimum.  Other categories would include animal supplies and feed, bartering supplies, bug-out backpack supplies, building supplies, cleaning supplies, clothing and sewing supplies, communication supplies, cooking supplies, defense supplies, entertainment supplies, fire supplies, gardening supplies, hunting and fishing supplies, lighting supplies, nuclear–biological–chemical supplies, pet supplies and feed, power supplies, repair supplies, safety supplies, school supplies (for the children), security supplies, shelter supplies, vehicle supplies, water purification supplies, etc.

SEEDS: Only non-hybrid seeds that include fruit, herb, medicinal and vegetable seeds.  Get as many of them as you can.

When purchasing your supplies for your grubstake, especially ammo, guns and bulk food supplies, always pay cash or use a money order for mail order.  Never use a check or your credit card.  Why, because Big Brother can be watching you!  After purchasing your equipment, set it up and test it.  Everyone needs to get familiar with how it works before you trust your lives with it.  After you’re done using your equipment, always clean it and keep it serviceable before you pack it away.  Your life and the lives of your family will depend on the condition of your equipment.

What you put and how much you put in your personal grubstake is a personal choice.  And having the proper safe and secure location to keep all your grubstake supplies so they will not be stolen or confiscated by the government is also very crucial to your future survival.

Prepare now for the upcoming disasters before it is too late or face the consequences when the time comes.

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