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With the deficit well over 16.3 trillion dollars and rising everyday, and a financial collapse of our economy imminent, the end of the American Dream is at hand.  Can it happen here? Yes it can, and the American people have no idea of the hardships and suffering they will be going through in the very… Read more »

The New Soup Lines

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Last Sunday, our local news here in Sacramento covered a story that was heartwarming, inspiring, and, to the discerning eye, a bit frightening.  Over two thousand volunteers donated their time and substance to help the many families who are having difficulty keeping it together during these hard times. The event, dubbed Convoy of Hope, was… Read more »

Faking the Good Life

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I was watching a news reporter on the scene last month on the morning Apple was making available the new iPhone 5, the latest version of its popular cell phone. The reporter introduced us to a line of twelve people excitedly waiting for the Apple store to open so they could get their hands on… Read more »

Mayan, Shmayan – The World is Still Coming to an End

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Due to some delusional hype about the ancient Mayan calendar, some 12 percent of Americans had expected the world to come to an abrupt and violent end last Friday. That would mean almost 40,000 Americans woke up on Saturday either greatly relieved or gravely disappointed that no global catastrophe had wiped out their neighbors. When… Read more »

Working Class Thieves

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I’ve been keeping a watchful eye lately on the little signs that bear witness to the gradual decline of society.  As everyone knows, when prices rise, people are less able to provide themselves with the necessities. Shoplifting increases and burglaries become more common during these times.  But lately, I and my neighbors have become victims… Read more »

When You’re On Your Own

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Everyone at one time or another in their lives should have heard of a “72 Hour Kit”.  Personally, as a disaster preparedness instructor for over seventeen years now, I do not believe in them or teach them in my classes. When any major disaster strikes, there is always hunger and grave suffering in the aftermath. … Read more »

You Know We’re in Trouble When Walmart is Hurting

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It’s been a bit of a side hobby with me to take note of “The Signs of The Times” concerning our failing economy. Ever since the “economic downturn” sideswiped America five years ago, we keep seeing clear signs that things are not turning around the way we’ve been told to expect.  I have to admit… Read more »

It’s Beginning to Hit the Fan

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In keeping with my standing as self-appointed Purveyor of Gloom, I note an article in The New York Times warning consumers to brace themselves for a 20% hike in the price of virtually everything they buy. What makes this particularly notable is that, until quite recently, the establishment media, in concert with a gaggle of… Read more »

Ignoring Reality

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The grocery store closest to where I live is called Raley’s. It’s part of a very big chain of supermarkets that extends from Northern California clear to Reno, Nevada.  Raley’s Supermarkets are known for being clean, upscale, and well-stocked. If you’re looking for an item you can’t find in most other grocery stores, you’ll likely… Read more »