Storing Propane: Storing Fuel, Part 2

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So, if storing gasoline is tricky because of explosive vapors and a short shelf-life, what other sorts of fuels can be stored for emergency usage?  Today we’ll look at another option… Propane! You may already be storing propane gas.  If you have a gas barbecue grill, you likely have a propane tank just waiting to… Read more »

Storing Water Part 3: Filling Those Containers

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Last week I showed you the containers I prefer using for storing my own supply of water, so if you’ve bought one of those for yourself,  you’re finally ready to take it out to the garden hose and fill it up with water, right? Well, not so fast there, Bucky. You want your stored water… Read more »

Storing Gasoline? Storing Fuel, Part 1

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Storing gasoline seems to make a lot of sense.  Gas prices keep rising, and if you believe we’ve hit peak oil—which we probably have—prices could go up exponentially.  Conflict in the Middle East continues, and that could lead to a diminished supply of oil. On a smaller scale, if your community experienced an emergency, delivery… Read more »

Protecting your Preparations 4: Plan to Share

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When it comes to preserving your preparations, your first line of defense will probably be keeping quiet.  Hiding your stuff and keeping quiet about it will keep you from becoming an easy target when the going gets tough.  Your second method for preserving your preparations doesn’t really sound like a method for preserving preparations at… Read more »

Your Survival Grubstake

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wooden chest

Having a “Survival Grubstake” on hand in your home and/or at your survival retreat will mean the difference between life and death. What is a Survival Grubstake?  It is all your food, gear, guns & ammo, provisions, seeds, supplies, etc., gathered by a prepper/survivalist to be prepared and be ready for any man-made or natural… Read more »