Protecting your Preparations 3: Hiding Things

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[This article is part of a series.  Did you complete the “Hiding Stuff Interview” last time?  If not, you may want to do that first.] As I mentioned, when it comes to protecting your preparations by “keeping quiet” there are three real options: hiding things at your home, hiding things away from your home, and… Read more »

Protecting your Preparations 2: Keep Quiet

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As you begin to plan your strategy for protecting your preparations, the first (and most basic) option is to keep quiet.  For the purposes of our discussion, keeping quiet includes three options: hiding your stuff at your home, hiding your stuff outside your home, and hiding your stuff by not talking about it. Remember: You… Read more »

Why You Must Not Store Bottled Water

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Storing flats of bottled water is about the most dangerous way of doing it. It’s too bad, too, because nothing could be easier or more convenient than picking up a case or two of bottled water every month, stacking them in the garage, and forgetting about them. Alas, in this case, convenience comes with a… Read more »

Hunker in a Bunker

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In a worse case scenario like a pole shift, CME, meteor shower, etc, the safest place to be will be underground: the deeper, the better.  One will need at a minimum at least three feet or more of reinforced earth & stone or concrete & steel overhead.  However, this may not be possible depending on… Read more »

Protecting your Preparations 1: Your Plan

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All of our careful efforts to store water, food, and other supplies could be for nothing if we are unable to hang onto them when we actually need them!  People have a variety of reasons for choosing to prepare; the fact is, preparation is an investment.  It is only worth our time and money to… Read more »

Storage, Caches, and Hides

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When the time comes for preparing all your supplies for storage, there are three basic ways to store them.  This is something that all preppers really need to consider when preparing all their supplies and where to store them.  The three ways are: Storage is for items that you use on a daily to weekly… Read more »