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gold-coins-100x100There can be little doubt that we’re headed for some very rough times ahead.  The devaluation of the dollar will result in an unavoidable hyperinflation of the money supply, and lots of people will suffer.  The problems we’re having now are only the beginning.  But all this raises the question: How bad will it get?

A reader, ‘Jim in Reno’, wrote:

“Gold and silver are useful, BUT I would rather have a trailer full of food, guns & ammo, water, and water filtration units, than any amount of gold. Once folks have a huge supply of the essentials, then they can invest in gold & silver, but not until THEN. Gold & silver do not make a tasty platter of food, but the eFoods boxes DO – I’ll stick with actually edible items before gold any day.

This prompted another reader to ask, “you really think things will devolve into such a dire scenario? A Mad Max economy?”

Good question, and one that my only response to is that I have no idea.  Hyperinflations historically lasted only a few years, as people eventually abandon government money in favor of  gold, silver, and direct barter.  Things get hairy for a while, but ultimately, once people lose faith in a central authority, they learn to ignore that authority and interact with one another within their chosen communities.  Societies survive, even if many individuals are lost along the way.

Yet, what we seem to be facing now is something more on the order of the collapse of the Roman empire, which resulted in the dark ages where, for centuries, the average person spent the day foraging for something to eat and never ventured more than three miles from his hovel in his entire lifetime. Existence became, as Thomas Hobbes aptly put it, “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

In the dystopian world of The Road Warrior movies, the order of the day was survival of the fittest -and the most ruthless.  After generations of dependency on government safety nets, I don’t think our citizens are any more capable of of withstanding a complete societal breakdown than the average urban Roman was.  If it did come down to survival of the fittest, not many of us would make it.

What, then, will the future hold? I don’t know.  What I do see is that The Powers That Be are feverishly working to put into place a police state to control the population, and I believe that iron fist will reveal itself in response to the coming riots as unemployment and hunger increase. There will be massive shortages, and yes, the government safety net will collapse, which is why I agree with Jim that a personal supply of food and necessities should come before any other considerations.

I believe America’s overseas Empire will collapse, and that won’t be a bad thing as long as the Republic doesn’t collapse along with it. Things will get real bad for this country, but I don’t know for how long or how bad it will get before we right ourselves again.

What do you think, readers?  What do you feel will be the ultimate outcome for America and the world once the financial collapse gets fully under way?  I’d like to hear your opinions.

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