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When the time comes for preparing all your supplies for storage, there are three basic ways to store them.  This is something that all preppers really need to consider when preparing all their supplies and where to store them.  The three ways are:

Storage is for items that you use on a daily to weekly bases in your home.  These include but are not limited to closets, pantries, shelves and storeroom locations.


The items in your storage will be the everyday common things for day-to-day use under normal, non-disaster/survival situations.

Caches are storage locations for items that you will not need for several months to a couple of years. These include but are not limited to attics, barns, basements, garages, shipping containers, and storage sheds around your home or retreat.

The items that you put in your caches would be the common day-to-day items that you would use under disaster/survival situations.  This would include but not limited to your year’s supply of food, medical supplies, ammo and guns, water, gold and/or silver bullion or coins, etc.  These caches can be buried or be hidden inside dead spaces in walls, false rooms or crawl spaces.

Construction of these caches can be built from a very wide variety of common material acquired at local hardware stores, or they can be purchased commercially.  Sizes of caches can range from less than a cubic foot to as large as a hidden room or vault.

Hides are storage locations for items that you will not need for a very long time.  We are talking for several years.  These hides are containers that are buried in safe underground locations near your sheltering-in-place location or near your bug-out retreat location.

The types of items you would have in your hides would be your “excess” items such as your long term food stores like your dehydrated and/or freeze-dried foods, your excess non-hybrid seeds, your excess medical supplies, all your excess ammo and guns, and all your bulk gold and silver.  These hides would be buried in several different locations across your property, retreat, or nearby public property.

Construction of these hides can also be built from a very wide variety of common material acquired at local hardware stores or they can be purchased commercially.  Sizes of hides can range from shoebox size to a cubic yard and everything in between.

Recommended items for your Caches and Hides: Ammo, Candles, Compass, Duct tape, Ear plugs, Emergency blanket, Energy food bars, Extra clothing, First Aid kit, Fishing kit, Flashlight, Food, Gold coins, Guns, Gun cleaning kit, Fuel, Knife sharpening kit, Matches, Medical supplies, Paper & Pencil, Para-cord, Pocket thermometer, Prescription medicines, Pocket knife, Rain gear, Sewing kit, Silver coins, Sleeping bags, Space blanket, Sun glasses, Sun screen, Toilet paper, Topo maps, Water, etc.

Other places:  Other places to hides your valuables can include fence and sewer pipes, under floors, under old buildings, under rocks, behind walls, in old chimneys, around old barns, in hanging lights, etc.

Note:  With government intrusion in our daily lives and presidential executive orders taking away more and more freedoms from hard working honest Americans, it is very important to prepare.  To prepare for this government takeover, folks need to have the supplies so not to be dependent on the government and have them well hidden so when the government comes to steal your supplies, they won’t get everything.

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